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Trump Says He Will End The Ukraine War ‘In 24 Hours’ If Re-Elected

At Wednesday’s town hall event, Trump reiterated his intentions to end the war in Ukraine. Furthermore, the former president said the European Union should start paying a lot more money.

The war in Ukraine ‘would have never happened under Trump

When he was pressed on whether he supports Biden’s ongoing military aid for Ukraine, Trump responded;

“Here’s the thing — have to say it to start off, no longer matters — if I were president, this would have never happened, and even the Democrats admit that.”

“Putin knew it would have never happened, and his pipeline would have never happened. A lot of things would never have happened, and all those dead people, both Russian and Ukrainian, wouldn’t be dead today. And all those cities that are blown up and disintegrated right to the ground, that wouldn’t have happened”.

European Union should contribute more money

“Now, here’s the problem, we’ve given so far $171 billion. They’ve given — they mean the European Union, which is approximately the same size altogether as our economy — they’ve given about $20 billion”.

“So we’re at $170, and they’re at $20. You don’t have to know too much about history or geography to realize they’re a little bit more affected than we are, so they’ve got to put up a lot more money because they’re taking advantage of us just like every other country did”.

Credits: DepositPhotos

When CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins asked if he would continue to provide military and financial aid to Ukraine, Trump responded by saying he would “have that war settled in one day — 24 hours.”

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Trump wants the war to end – not interested in ‘winning’

When Collins pressed Trump on whom he wanted to win the war, the former president said his goal would be to stop the needless casualties, “I don’t think in terms of winning and losing. I think in terms of getting it settled, so we stop killing all these people”, Trump said.

“I want everyone to stop dying. They’re dying – Russians and Ukrainians. I want them to stop dying. And I’ll have that done in 24 hours; I’ll have it done. You need the power of the presidency to do it,” he said.

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Trump asked if Putin is a war criminal

Collins pressed Trump on whether he thinks Putin is a war criminal, “If you say he’s a war criminal, it’s going to be a lot tougher to make a deal to get this thing stopped because if he’s going to be a war criminal where people are going to grab him and execute him, he’s going fight a lot harder than under the other circumstance.”

“That’s something to be discussed at a later date. Right now, we want to get that war settled,” he concluded.

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