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Trump Says He ‘Wouldn’t Protect’ Prince Harry Under His Presidency

Former President Donald Trump, in a revealing interview with the U.K.’s Daily Express, has made it clear that Prince Harry would not receive his protection if Trump were to win the White House in November. 

Trump’s statement sets a decisive tone for his potential administration’s stance on the British royal’s security.

The Royal Betrayal

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Trump accused Prince Harry of committing an unforgivable act by betraying the queen. 

This strong accusation underscores the former president’s view on the sanctity of royal duties and the severity of Harry’s actions.

Legal Controversies Unfold

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Amidst a lawsuit by the Heritage Foundation against the Department of Homeland Security, questions have emerged about the process behind granting Prince Harry his visa. 

The case suggests a possible deviation from standard procedures by the current administration.

Trump’s Stance on Protection

Credits: Depositphotos – Washington, DC / USA – July 9 2018: USA President Donald Trump in the Supreme Court of the United States, serious angry look during a speech. — Photo by wadiifekar

Trump has openly criticized the Biden administration for allegedly protecting Prince Harry, emphasizing that under his leadership, Harry would be left to fend for himself.

A Royal on His Own

Credit: DepositPhotos – MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 18: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex meet fans at Government House in Melbourne, Australia — Photo by filedimage

“I wouldn’t protect him,” Trump declared, highlighting his intention to withdraw any special treatment or protection for Prince Harry should he return to power.

The Departure from Royal Life

Credit: DepositPhotos – London, UK – 06.03.2022: Meghan Markle Prince Harry attend Platinum Jubilee thanks giving service at St Pauls Cathedral, Meghan wearing white coat dress, London UK — Photo by cheekylorns2

Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to step down as senior members of the royal family and relocate to California marked a significant turning point in their lives, drawing international attention and debate.

Harry’s Tell-All Memoir

Credit: DepositPhotos – Queen Elizabeth, London, uk, June 2018- Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince George William, Charles, Kate Middleton & Princess Charlotte Trooping the colour Royal Family Buckingham Palace, June 10 2018 London, uk stock photo photograph image picture — Photo by cheekylorns2

In his memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry opened up about his personal struggles, including the loss of his mother, his views on the British press, and his relationship with his family, sparking widespread public discourse.

The Loss of a Matriarch

Credit: DepositPhotos – QUEEN ELIZABETH & PRINCE PHILIP, TROOPING THE COLOUR, LONDON, UK – JUNE 13: The Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip appear during Trooping the Colour ceremony, on June 13, 2015 in London, England, UK — Photo by cheekylorns2

The memoir and Harry’s actions came after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, adding layers of complexity to the family’s dynamics and public perception.

Trump Critiques Royal Family’s Response

Credits: DepositPhotos – NEW YORK, USA – Sep 21, 2017: Meeting of the President of the United States Donald Trump with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in New York — Photo by palinchak

According to Trump, the royal family has been excessively gracious to Harry despite his actions, suggesting a mismatch between Harry’s conduct and the family’s reaction.

A Potential Future in America

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Harry has entertained the idea of American citizenship, though he admits it’s not a priority. 

This contemplation reveals his ongoing adaptation to life outside the royal sphere.

Trump’s Unyielding Position

Credits: Depositphotos – 12.07.2018. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. Press conference of Donald Trump, President of United States of America, during NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) SUMMIT 2018. ” — Photo by gints.ivuskans

Trump’s comments reflect a stark stance against what he perceives as Prince Harry’s betrayal and the alleged protection he has received from the Biden administration.

The Heritage Foundation’s Lawsuit

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The lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security by the Heritage Foundation raises significant questions about the fairness and legality of Prince Harry’s visa process.

No Protection Under Trump

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Trump’s insistence on not protecting Harry underscores a broader critique of the current administration’s handling of high-profile immigrants.

Harry’s Life in the Spotlight

Credit: DepositPhotos – MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 18: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex meet fans at Government House in Melbourne, Australia — Photo by filedimage

Prince Harry’s transition from a senior royal to a resident of California has been fraught with public scrutiny, legal battles, and personal revelations.

The Ongoing Saga

Credits: DepositPhotos – Oskaloosa, Iowa – July 25, 2015: Donald Trump make America great again rally. — Photo by sgtphoto

As Prince Harry contemplates his future and navigates his new life, Trump’s comments add another dimension to the public and legal scrutiny surrounding the prince’s decisions and the implications for his security and citizenship aspirations.

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