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Trump Supporters Critique Haley’s ‘Weakness’ on Chinese-Related Matters

As the South Carolina primary approaches, former President Donald Trump’s surrogates are intensifying their criticism of his opponent, Nikki Haley, the state’s former governor.

Republican congress members and state lawmakers gathered for a news conference, highlighting their support for Trump and contrasting him with both Haley and President Joe Biden.

Trump Leads in South Carolina

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According to RealClearPolitics polls, Trump currently leads Nikki Haley in South Carolina by approximately 27 points, with an even wider margin of 54 percent in the national average.

Criticism of Haley’s Stance on China

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Trump’s allies criticized Nikki Haley’s stance on China, particularly her role in attracting Chinese businesses to South Carolina with incentives.

They accused her of rolling out the red carpet for communist China, emphasizing her alleged “weakness” on China-related matters.

Haley’s Controversial Remarks

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During the news conference, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) highlighted controversial remarks made by Nikki Haley during her tenure as governor.

Mace quoted Haley as saying that Chinese workers could teach South Carolina workers a thing or two, a statement that drew criticism.

Haley’s Campaign Response

Credit: Des Moines, Iowa, USA – August 12, 2023: Former South Carolina Governor and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley greets supporters at the Iowa State Fair political soapbox in Des Moines, Iowa. — Photo by jhansen2

While Haley’s campaign did not respond to the criticism during the news conference, her campaign website includes a section asserting her commitment to getting tough on China.

Including addressing issues like genocide and promoting American manufacturing.

Spy Balloon Incident

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Rep. Russell Fry (R-S.C.) raised concerns about a Chinese spy balloon incident in South Carolina, questioning the actions taken by the Biden administration at that time.

He emphasized the need for strong leadership on China-related issues.

Trump’s Approach to China

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Trump’s allies contrasted his approach to China with Haley’s, stating that Trump was the first to call out China for its actions.

They pointed to Trump’s imposition of tariffs and advocacy for American workers.

Overwhelming Support for Trump

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The news conference emphasized the overwhelming support for Donald Trump in South Carolina, with over 100 endorsements compared to Nikki Haley’s 14.

The message conveyed was that people want a leader who means what they say and takes action.

Anticipated Primary Outcome

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South Carolina Rep. Thomas Duval “Val” Guest expressed confidence that the upcoming primary in South Carolina would demonstrate strong backing for Trump and a lack of support for Nikki Haley among those who worked with her during her governorship.

Message to Haley – “Never Nikki!”

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As Rep. Guest concluded his remarks, a crowd behind him chanted. “Never Nikki!” signaling a strong sentiment against Nikki Haley’s candidacy.

Trump’s Previous Wins

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It was noted that Donald Trump had already secured significant victories in early presidential preference elections in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The expectation was that South Carolina would deliver a similar result.

Trump’s Presidential Aspirations

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The news conference closed with a call to nominate Donald Trump in South Carolina.

They urged to send him back to the White House in 2024 to “finish the job.”

Additional Criticisms Planned

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The Trump campaign announced two more news conferences.

One will address Nikki Haley’s history of raising taxes, while the other will discuss her ties to globalists, Democrats, and Wall Street donors.

Campaigning Continues

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While Trump’s surrogates intensify their criticism.

Nikki Haley continues her campaign efforts across South Carolina, where both her supporters and Trump supporters are making their voices heard.

Voters’ Dilemma

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Supporters of Nikki Haley express a dilemma, indicating that if Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee instead of Haley.

They would consider voting for President Biden instead.

This highlights the divisions within the Republican Party.

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