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Trump to Highlight Immigration Agenda at U.S.-Mexico Border Rally

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Former President Donald Trump is set to bring his 2024 presidential campaign to the U.S.-Mexico border, where he plans to emphasize his strict immigration policies that he promises to implement if elected for a second term.

Trump, who is currently the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, will be accompanied by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a vocal critic of President Biden’s immigration and border strategies. The event will take place in Edinburg, Texas, an area known for high rates of unlawful border crossings and where Republicans have made inroads with the Hispanic population.

In recent weeks, Trump has intensified his rhetoric on immigration and expanded his promises on the issue, which some advisers believe helped him win the election in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

He has gone as far as claiming that migrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.” During his presidency, Trump took significant actions to tighten immigration controls, including reducing immigrant admissions, restricting access to the asylum system, constructing miles of border wall, and terminating deportation protections for hundreds of thousands of immigrants, including undocumented individuals brought to the U.S. as children.

However, if elected in 2024, Trump has vowed to escalate his hardline immigration agenda, intending to execute the largest deportation operation in U.S. history, expand travel bans, deny birthright citizenship to the children of undocumented immigrants, and reject legal immigrants with differing political views.

He has not ruled out the reinstatement of his controversial policy of separating migrant families, which sparked public outrage and was discontinued in 2018.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

Governor Abbott, who has not yet endorsed a presidential candidate, has also prioritized immigration as a key issue during his tenure and has clashed with President Biden’s policies. Since Biden assumed office, Abbott has ordered the reinforcement of the Rio Grande riverbanks with barriers, instructed state troopers to arrest adult migrants on trespassing charges, and authorized the transportation of thousands of migrants to Democratic-led cities like New York City and Chicago.

Furthermore, Abbott is expected to sign a stringent state immigration law, SB4, which would allow state law enforcement officials to arrest migrants on new criminal charges for illegal entry and provide state judges with the authority to issue deportation orders.

As Trump’s immigration proposals for 2024 have gained attention, President Biden’s reelection campaign has sought to portray them as extreme and inhumane, hoping to mobilize Latino voters against the former president. Immigration poses a significant challenge for Biden, as it is one of his least popular issues. His administration has faced mounting pressure from both Republicans and Democrats to address the surge in migrant apprehensions along the southern border.

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According to Trump’s campaign spokesperson, Steven Cheung, the former president is gaining support among minority voters, including Latinos, who view him as the only candidate capable of securing the border. Cheung blames President Biden for the record increase in migrant crossings.

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