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Trump train cannot be stopped – ‘Trump is stronger today than he was in 2016’

In an exclusive interview on Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy affirmed his belief in the increasing political prowess of former President Donald Trump, stating, “Trump is stronger today than he was in 2016.”

McCarthy’s statement came amidst ongoing media efforts to stir divisions between Trump and House Republicans.

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McCarthy explained, “The media is attempting to drive a wedge between President Trump and House Republicans as our committees are holding Biden’s DOJ accountable for their two-tiered levels of justice.”

Trump is Bidens strongest opponent. McCarthy asserts

Accusing the current administration of wielding its power for political gain, McCarthy continued, “The only reason Biden is using his weaponized federal government to go after President Trump is because he is Biden’s strongest political opponent, as polling continues to show.”

According to the House Speaker, polls released by Morning Consult on Tuesday solidify Trump’s political advantage over incumbent Democrat President Joe Biden, marking the first time Trump has been leading since the pollster began surveying last year.

McCarthy’s clarification on Trump’s support misrepresentation

McCarthy pointed to these results, stating, “Just look at the numbers this morning.”

These remarks from McCarthy assume significance as they correct a misrepresented quote from a CNBC interview he gave on Tuesday.

McCarthy’s staunch support for Trump misrepresented.

A CNN reporter selectively quoted a portion of this interview, making it seem like McCarthy was criticizing Trump.

However, upon closer examination of the conversation, McCarthy was seen to staunchly support the former president, despite not having formally endorsed a candidate for the 2024 GOP presidential primary.

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McCarthy: Trump’s policies superior, can beat Biden

When asked about Trump’s potential to win a general election, McCarthy responded affirmatively, “Yeah, he can beat Biden.”

When asked about Trump being the GOP nominee, he stated, “Republicans get to select their nominee. I think if you want to go sheer policy to policy, it’s not what’s good for Republicans; it’s what’s good for America.”

“Trump’s policies are better, straightforward than Biden’s policies.”

McCarthy: Legal battles could boost Trump’s election win

McCarthy also suggested that Trump’s ongoing legal battles could benefit him in the general election.

While commenting on the uncertainty surrounding the strongest candidate, McCarthy stated, “Can he win an election? Yeah. The question is–Is he the strongest to win the election? I don’t know that answer.”

GOP primary voters to decide Biden’s fate

“But, can somebody—can anybody—beat Biden? Yeah, anybody can beat Biden. Can Biden beat other people? Yeah, Biden can beat them. It’s on any given day.”

Thus, according to McCarthy, the GOP primary voters will decide.

McCarthy reaffirms belief in Trump despite misrepresentation

He believes that if they choose Trump, as current polls suggest, Trump has the potential to win the election.

He expressed frustration with CNN reporter Kristen Holmes’ tweet, which inaccurately portrayed McCarthy’s comments as expressing doubt in Trump’s chances in a general election.

He clarified his views in response, reiterating his belief in Trump’s strength for general election viability.

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McCarthy’s comments highlight ‘deep divide’ in GOP

McCarthy’s comments underscore the deep-seated divisions within the Republican Party as its members grapple with the former President’s ongoing influence.

Some Republicans have expressed concerns about the party’s future if it continues to align itself with Trump, while others, like McCarthy, view Trump as the best chance for the party’s success.

Regardless of the internal debates, one thing is clear – Trump’s impact on the Republican Party is profound and ongoing.