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Trump Trial Judge Allows Infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Testimonies but Bars Jury From Seeing Footage

In a recent ruling, the judge presiding over former President Trump’s criminal case in New York has made critical decisions regarding the admissibility of evidence and testimonies, setting the stage for the upcoming trial.

Defense’s Challenge to Witness Credibility

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The defense team attempted to block Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, from testifying, citing his past dishonesty.

However, this strategy was not successful.

Judge’s Ruling on Witness Testimony

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Judge Juan Merchan found no legal basis to exclude a witness based on previous credibility issues, clearing the way for Cohen’s testimony.

Stormy Daniels To Testify

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He also allowed Stormy Daniels, who received the hush money, to testify, considering the relevance of her testimony.

The ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Decision

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Despite its notoriety, the Access Hollywood tape will not be played for the jury, although its content and implications may still be discussed through testimonies.

The Tape’s Role in the Case

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The ruling explained that while the tape itself won’t be shown, discussions about its existence are pertinent for understanding Trump’s motives behind certain actions.

Charges Against Trump

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Trump also faces multiple charges for falsifying business records.

The Prosecution’s Allegations

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Court documents reveal allegations of Trump participating in a plan involving hush money payments and record falsifications to conceal these transactions.

Trial Delay

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The commencement of Trump’s criminal trial has been postponed until mid-April, allowing more time for pre-trial preparations and legal arguments.

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