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Trump Vows to Defy Protective Order in Election Meddling Case

Former President Donald Trump pledges to keep speaking out despite potential restrictions on his public statements in his 2020 election meddling case.

Trump Criticizes Justice Department’s Request for Protective Order

At a campaign event in New Hampshire, Trump criticizes the Justice Department’s request for a protective order, claiming it infringes upon his First Amendment rights.

Justice Department Files Request for Protective Order

Following Trump’s posts on Truth Social attacking prosecutors and Judge Tanya Chutkan, the Justice Department requests a protective order.

Trump’s Legal Team Seeks to Narrow Scope of Protective Order

Seeking to avoid significant restrictions, Trump’s legal team attempts to narrow the scope of the protective order on his ability to discuss the case publicly.

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Magistrate Judge Warned Trump About Influencing Jurors

During his arraignment, Magistrate Judge Moxila A. Upadhyaya warns Trump about influencing jurors or obstructing justice, but he continues to make controversial posts.

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Personal Attacks Unlikely to Sway Judge Chutkan’s Ruling

Despite Trump’s personal attacks, Judge Chutkan’s ruling on the protective order is unlikely to be swayed.

A hearing to discuss the order’s scope and impact on Trump’s First Amendment rights is scheduled for Friday.

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