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Trump Warns Of Dire Illegal Immigration Crisis In The US As Title 42 Ends

Illegal immigration at the southern border has surged due to the lax immigration policies of the Biden administration, resulting in 1.22 million border encounters during the first six months of fiscal year 2023.

President Joe Biden has removed the “most successful” border policies put in place by former President Donald Trump, including the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and has instituted the “Catch and Release” policy, which has resettled “untold millions and millions” of illegal aliens in the country.

Trump warns of ‘complete and total mayhem’ at the border as Title 42 comes to an end

In a recent video, Donald Trump criticized the Biden administration’s border policies. He warned of dire consequences once Title 42, his public health order that gave the American government the power to expel illegal immigrants automatically, ends on May 11.

Under his leadership, the border was closed, and any illegal alien who crossed was immediately expelled. Trump claimed that Title 42 was one of his most successful policies and helped secure the border.

However, he warned that once Title 42 ends, “hundreds of thousands” of people will pour into America, leading to “complete and total mayhem and utter lawlessness.”

According to Trump, “tens of thousands” of illegal aliens have already amassed on the Mexican side of the border, getting ready to cross into the United States.

Trump accuses Biden administration of aiding border invasion

Trump accused the Biden administration of aiding, abetting, and facilitating the invasion every step of the way.

Credits: DepositPhotos

“Those who trespass into our country could immediately be sent back to the place from which they came. Every would-be illegal border crosser knew that with Donald Trump in the White House, our border was closed. It was absolutely closed. They had no chance of getting in. And therefore, they didn’t come.”

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House Republicans Introduce Border Reinforcement Act Demanding Wall Resumption.

To address this issue, House Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee introduced a bill called the Border Reinforcement Act aimed at boosting security along America’s southern border.

The bill requires the administration to resume construction on a border wall between Mexico and the United States, which was halted by President Biden in January 2021, with some estimating that the decision has cost the country at least $72 million.

The said bill also requires the Department of Homeland Security to provide reports on illegal encounters every month, as Republicans claim that the department is hiding data from the public.

Mexican National Guard reports thousands in migrant caravan

In response to the surge in illegal immigration, Juan Rojas, a member of the Mexican National Guard, told The Epoch Times that thousands of illegal immigrants have been seen recently moving in a caravan through Mexico toward the American border.

These individuals will likely try to enter the United States by force, putting the protocol of the border, which is to safeguard and protect the passage, to the test.

According to data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, during the Trump administration, the border patrol had only encountered 458,088 illegal aliens attempting to cross the Southwest border in fiscal 2020. This number jumped to 1.73 million in fiscal 2021 under Biden and 2.38 million in fiscal 2022.

Trump Urges Congress to End Catch and Release

Trump asked Congress to terminate all Catch and Release program funding immediately. He promised that once he takes the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2025, he will immediately begin to secure the border and remove illegal aliens that Biden allowed into the country.