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Trump’s Defamatory Comments Result in Severe Harassment of Judge Engoron and Staff

Donald Trump has faced significant backlash for making false and derogatory statements about Judge Arthur Engoron and his clerk, despite a gag order being under appeal. The extent of the repercussions became evident in a recent court filing, which revealed that Engoron and his team have been bombarded with a multitude of threats.

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According to Charles Hollon, a court official in the Public Safety Department, “On a daily basis, the judge and his staff are being inundated with hundreds of harassing and threatening phone calls, voicemail messages, and emails.” The court officials are now advocating for the reinstatement of the gag order in Trump’s $250 million civil fraud trial.

Although a New York appeals court temporarily suspended the limited gag order on November 16, citing constitutional and statutory rights, the threats and harassment targeted at Engoron and his staff have dramatically increased since October 3. It was on this day that Trump insinuated a romantic relationship between Allison Greenfield, the clerk, and Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, despite Schumer’s marital status.

Hollon asserts that Trump’s post triggered “hundreds of threatening and harassing voicemail messages” that have been meticulously documented in over 275 pages.

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Greenfield has been subjected to excessive doxxing and enduring relentless disparagement, along with anti-Semitic tropes on a daily basis. Hollon explained, “The implementation of the limited gag orders resulted in a decrease in the number of threats, harassment, and disparaging messages that the judge and his staff received.

However, when Mr. Trump violated the gag orders, the number of threatening, harassing and disparaging messages increased.” The court filing also included transcripts of some of the voicemails left on Engoron’s chambers phone, which were deemed serious and credible.

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Trump’s ability to mobilize his supporters against his perceived political opponents has resulted in concerning consequences in the past. However, despite the documented threats against Engoron and his staff, Trump appeared unfazed.

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In a subsequent post on Truth Social, he referred to Engoron as a “Radical Left Trump Hating Judge” and a “Psycho,” further accusing Greenfield of being a “Politically Biased & Corrupt Campaign Finance Violator.”

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