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Trump’s Indictment: Most Say It’s Political Game, Not Justice

Recent findings from a Harvard/Harris poll revealed that the majority of registered voters see former President Donald Trump’s indictment as more of a political ploy than a lawful act.

Politically Motivated or Valid: What’s the Deal with Trump’s Indictment?

This poll got into the nitty-gritty of public perception following Trump’s arraignment on a 37-count indictment. The charges? Allegedly swiping classified documents and whisking them off to Mar-a-Lago at the close of his presidency. The verdict? Well, 55% of respondents reckon this is politically motivated, while 45% believe it’s legit.

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Indictment or Election Interference: You Decide

That’s not all. A whopping 56% of those surveyed see this indictment as DOJ’s interference in the 2024 elections. Only 44% believe it’s a fair play of law.

Acquittal on the Horizon for Trump?

Even more interesting, a majority of 57% think that Trump is likely to get acquitted of these charges. Most of the charges fall under the Espionage Act of 1917, making this one a high-stakes drama to follow.

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Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Classified Documents: What Voters Think

The plot thickens! The poll also brought up President Joe Biden’s own classified documents case and Hillary Clinton’s notorious email scandal. Surprisingly, 65% of respondents believe Biden mishandled classified material, while 72% think Clinton did the same. In fact, 69% say Clinton “obstructed justice” by acid-washing her emails. Talk about a soap opera!

Is it a Fair Game or Selective Prosecution?

The million-dollar question remains. Is indicting a former president for taking classified documents after leaving office a fair application of justice or selective prosecution? The answer, according to 53% of voters, is that it’s “selective prosecution”. Only 47% believe the law is being applied evenly.

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DOJ’s Case Against Trump: Strong or Weak?

Despite most voters believing in Trump’s likely acquittal, the majority also think that the DOJ has a “strong case” against Trump to varying degrees. In contrast, only 42% see it as weak. 

The Public Verdict: Guilty or Innocent?

Interestingly, while 44% of voters think Trump is “probably guilty … and should be convicted”, 30% believe he’s “probably innocent”. Meanwhile, 26% think he might be guilty, but the indictment should not have been pursued as it’s too political and messes with the 2024 election.

Trump’s Dominance in the Primary Field: A Glimpse of 2024?

To add to this rollercoaster, the poll indicates Trump is running the show in the primary field and has a six-point lead over Biden in a hypothetical general election matchup. 

So, what’s your take? Is the indictment politically motivated or a fair application of the law? Do you think Trump will be acquitted? How do you feel about the findings related to Biden and Clinton? Jump in the comments below and share your thoughts. We’re all ears!

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