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Trump’s Lawyers Slam Georgia Indictment as ‘Flawed and Unconstitutional’

Lawyers representing former President Donald Trump issued a strong response to the late-night indictment by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in Georgia.

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The lawyers, including Drew Findling, Jennifer Little, and Marissa Goldberg, criticized the indictment, calling it “as flawed and unconstitutional as this entire process.”

In their statement, the lawyers expressed shock and dismay at the handling of the case, including the premature leak of the indictment before witnesses testified or grand jurors deliberated.

They highlighted the one-sided nature of the grand jury presentation, which relied on witnesses with personal and political interests.

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Some of these witnesses had previously campaigned against the accused and profited from their involvement through book deals and employment opportunities.

The lawyers pointed out that the indictment’s 41 counts, including 13 against Trump, involve accusations of crimes based on arguments about the 2020 presidential election’s legitimacy.

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They raised concerns about potential violations of the First Amendment right to free speech and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel.

The indictment’s attempt to charge defendants for alleged national-scale crimes through a county court in Georgia also raised questions about jurisdiction and federal jurisdiction.

The lawyers concluded by expressing their intention to conduct a detailed review of the indictment, which they believe is riddled with flaws and constitutional issues, mirroring the problematic nature of the entire legal process.

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