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Trump’s Legal Team Hits a Wall in Civil Fraud Trial

Donald Trump’s defense team concluded their case in the New York civil fraud trial, facing firm resistance from the judge to their request for an early verdict.

Defense’s Bold Move

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Trump’s lawyers, after being previously denied, made another attempt to secure a quick verdict in favor of Trump, his company, and top executives.

Judge’s Firm Stance

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Judge Arthur Engoron firmly rejected the defense’s plea, affirming the state’s right to complete the trial.

Allegations of Fraud

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The trial centers on allegations by New York Attorney General Letitia James that Trump inflated his wealth in financial statements.

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Defense’s Strategy

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Trump’s team focused on challenging the state’s case, with the latest move to request a directed verdict.

Trump’s Absence

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Despite being a key witness, Trump skipped his planned testimony, raising eyebrows.

Judge’s Warning

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Engoron warned Trump’s lawyer, Christopher Kise, about the futility of their written request for a directed verdict.

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State’s Frustration

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State lawyer Kevin Wallace criticized the defense’s strategy as a wasteful exercise.

Timelines and Implications

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Closing arguments are set for January 11, amidst the looming presidential primary season.

Previous Legal Developments

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The judge had already taken the defense’s initial request for a directed verdict under advisement, but the trial continued as scheduled.

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Claims of Bias Rejected

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Engoron previously dismissed the defense’s claims of his political bias and denied their request for a mistrial.

Final Witness Testimony

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The defense wrapped up with an accounting expert’s testimony, denying evidence of accounting fraud in Trump’s financial statements.

Rebuttal Witnesses

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The state began calling rebuttal witnesses, with testimony expected to conclude shortly.

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Evidence Overview

NEW YORK, USA – Sep 21, 2017: President of the United States Donald Trump during a meeting with the president of Ukraine in New York — Photo by palinchak

The trial featured testimonies from Trump’s family, executives, and experts over several weeks.

Donald Jr.’s Testimony

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Donald Trump Jr. took the stand, highlighting his father’s real estate successes without mentioning past failures.

Expert’s Analysis

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NYU professor Eli Bartov, a defense witness, criticized the state’s case and supported Trump’s financial statements.

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Cross-Examination Tactics

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State lawyers challenged Bartov’s views, especially regarding Deutsche Bank’s handling of Trump’s financial statements.

Exxon Case Reference

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In a unique move, the state referenced Bartov’s testimony in a separate Exxon Mobil case to question his credibility.

A Complex Financial Puzzle

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The debate centered on varying methods of calculating the net operating income for a Trump-owned building.

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Looking Ahead

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As the trial nears conclusion, all eyes are on the potential impact on Trump’s future, especially with the 2024 presidential race on the horizon.

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