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Trump’s Security Clearance Claim “Eviscerated” By Special Prosecutor In Classified Documents Case

In a recent development in the ongoing legal battle involving former President Donald Trump and the Department of Justice, special prosecutor Jack Smith has vigorously contested Trump’s claim that he possessed special clearance to remove White House documents to his Florida estate.

The dispute revolves around the alleged mishandling of classified documents discovered at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach.

Trump’s Claim of Special Clearance

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Former President Trump has asserted that the Department of Energy granted him special clearance while he was in office, permitting him to take White House documents with him.

Jack Smith’s Court Filing

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This assertion was vigorously countered by Jack Smith in a court filing made on Friday, where he refuted the existence of any such clearance.

Trump’s Legal Troubles

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Last year, the Justice Department leveled 40 charges against Trump in the documents case, including 32 counts of willful retention of national defense information.

Trump Has Pled Not Guilty To All Charges

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Other charges include conspiracy to obstruct justice, withholding documents, and corruptly concealing documents.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to all these charges, which are part of his four ongoing criminal cases.

Federal Prosecutors’ Argument

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Federal prosecutors argued in a closed-door meeting that certain classified information should be withheld from Trump, during a meeting with federal judge Aileen Cannon in Florida, who is overseeing the classified documents trial.

Smith’s Response to Trump’s Claim

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Jack Smith’s 67-page response to Trump’s motion for additional discovery included a robust rebuttal of Trump’s assertion of ongoing security clearance issued by the Department of Energy.

Security Clearance Argument Eviscerated

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Writing in her Civil Discourse blog on Sunday, Joyce Vance noted, “One particularly interesting part of the government’s response related to a suggestion in Trump’s motion that he had some form of security clearance issued by the Department of Energy that continued after he left the White House.

Smith eviscerates that claim in response to Trump’s effort to force the government to search for more evidence that such a clearance existed.”

Search in Scattered Castles Database

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Trump’s lawyers had contended that the government should search Scattered Castles, a database of security clearances maintained by the intelligence community, as well as a similar one maintained by the Department of Defense.

No Evidence

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Smith countered by revealing that he had already conducted a search in Scattered Castles, which yielded no evidence of past or present security clearances for Trump.

Trump’s “Q Clearance”

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Additionally, Trump had inquired about a special “Q clearance” issued through the Department of Energy, which is granted without a background check in the interest of national security.

Q Clearance Argument Negated

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Smith informed the court that he had provided Trump with a memo showing that his Q clearance, initially granted at the start of his presidency, was terminated shortly after its conclusion.

The termination date was retroactively set to the end of Trump’s tenure, making any ongoing possession of classified material unjustifiable.

Rejection of Political Bias Allegations

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Smith also strongly rejected Trump’s claim that the indictment was politically motivated, asserting that the investigation and prosecution have been guided by facts and the law rather than any political bias.

Trial Date and Potential Delays

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The trial for the classified documents case is scheduled to commence on May 20.

However, appeals based on Trump’s arguments regarding document disclosure could potentially postpone the proceedings.

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