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Trump’s Super PAC Spends Over $40 Million on Legal Fees, Surpassing Other Campaign Expenses

Former President Donald Trump’s super PAC, Save America, has allocated more than $40 million this year for legal fees, making it the largest campaign expense thus far, as reported by The Washington Post. The ex-president is currently embroiled in multiple legal battles, including two criminal indictments, for which he has pleaded not guilty.

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Funded primarily by small-dollar donations from Trump supporters, the PAC has already spent a total of $56 million on legal defense since Trump’s departure from office. These expenses cover not only Trump’s legal defense but also those of numerous advisers and individuals implicated in various investigations linked to the former president.

Among those receiving assistance with legal bills is Walt Nauta, a co-defendant in a classified documents case that led to one of Trump’s indictments. Nauta has pleaded not guilty in the criminal case.

Steven Cheung, Trump’s spokesperson, criticized the Justice Department’s investigations, asserting that the PAC’s payments aim to protect innocent individuals from financial ruin and unlawful harassment.

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Anticipating potential increases in legal costs due to ongoing investigations and possible future indictments, Trump’s team plans to establish the Patriot Legal Defense Fund, exclusively dedicated to providing legal support for associates and employees.

The considerable financial strain caused by these legal fees led the Save America PAC to seek a refund for a $60 million donation previously made to another political action committee supporting Trump’s 2024 campaign.

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