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Tucker Who? Fox News Crumbles in Ratings War as MSNBC Climbs the Throne

Hey, remember when Fox News was the untouchable giant of the primetime TV landscape? Well it looks like the titan is faltering! 

The Shocking Upset

For five whole years, Fox News had been the reigning champ in the ratings arena. But guess what? Far-left MSNBC has just thrown a punch, beating both Fox News and CNN in the battle for primetime viewers and those aged 25-54. Yup, you heard it right! MSNBC’s snagged the top spot on the cable network podium. 

MSNBC’s Meteoric Rise

Get this! MSNBC managed to gather its largest average primetime audience since the 2022 midterm elections. We’re talking an average of 1.52 million total viewers this past week! And they didn’t stop there. They also had an average of 172,000 adults aged 25-54 in primetime, which puts them at No. 8 on all of basic cable. How’s that for an underdog story?

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The Tucker Carlson Aftermath

Now here’s where things get juicy! Fox News hasn’t been the same since they said goodbye to Tucker Carlson. Could letting go of Carlson be the iceberg that sinks the Fox News Titanic? It certainly looks that way. Fox thought they could boot Carlson like their former star, Bill O’Reilly, and keep their crown. Boy, were they wrong! 

Fox’s Slow Descent

So where does this leave Fox News? Well, they’ve been losing primetime viewers steadily, which has paved the way for MSNBC to rise to prominence. And CNN? Let’s just say they’re struggling to stay afloat. Look at these figures from last week: MSNBC had an average of 1.521 million total viewers, Fox News had 1.505 million, and CNN managed a meager 677,000. Can you believe it?

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The Unthinkable: Fox News Losing to CNN?

PhotoCredit: DepositPhotos

If you need any more proof of how far Fox News has fallen, get this: Fox News almost lost to CNN with the average primetime demo viewer numbers. That’s right! Fox News was so close to being defeated by CNN. Who would have ever thought?

Lessons From the Fall

Turns out, we were all wrong in thinking Fox News was invincible. Looks like they took their audience for granted and are now paying the price. And with more competition out there, Fox News’ captive audience is no longer captive. 

A Twist in the Tale

While MSNBC’s recent triumph may seem like the end for Fox News, it’s still early days. Who knows what the future holds? If anything, this shakeup serves as a reminder of how fickle the world of cable news can be. 

As we wrap up this tale of upsets and comebacks, what are your thoughts? How do you feel about MSNBC dethroning Fox News? Hit us up in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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