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U.S. Military Launches Another Strike in Yemen

The U.S. military conducted another strike in Yemen against a Houthi-controlled site deemed a threat to commercial vessels in the Red Sea. This follows a series of airstrikes by the U.S. and Britain targeting Houthi rebels.

Naval Operation Details

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The Navy destroyer USS Carney, utilizing Tomahawk land attack missiles, executed the “follow-on action” against a Houthi radar site. The strike aimed to eliminate the risk posed to commercial ships in the Red Sea.

Previous Day’s Airstrikes

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On the preceding day, the U.S. and Britain launched multiple airstrikes, hitting 28 locations and over 60 targets across Houthi-controlled areas. President Joe Biden had warned of further strikes if Houthi activities persisted.

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Naval Warning to American Vessels

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In response to the initial airstrikes, the U.S. Navy issued a warning to American-flagged vessels, advising them to avoid specific areas around Yemen in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden for the next 72 hours.

Houthi Retaliation Threat

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Anticipating retaliation from the Houthis, U.S. military and White House officials expressed expectations of Houthi counterattacks. They raised concerns about a potential escalation in the already volatile region.

Casualties and Targets

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The U.S.-led strikes resulted in at least five reported casualties and six injuries, according to Houthi sources. The attacks targeted various sites, including airfields, weapons depots, radar, and remote mountain areas.

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President Biden’s Response

KIEV, UKRAINE – Jan 16, 2017: Vice president of USA Joe Biden during his visit to Kiev and meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko — Photo by palinchak

President Biden, addressing the situation, stated that the U.S. would respond to Houthi actions and referred to the group as a terrorist organization. He dismissed claims that seeking congressional authorization for the strikes was necessary.

Pentagon’s Statement

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The Pentagon revealed that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin authorized the military action. He was simultaneously recovering from complications following prostate cancer surgery.

Designation of Houthis

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. 24th March 2022. Joe Biden, President of United States of America, during press conference after NATO extraordinary SUMMIT 2022. — Photo by gints.ivuskans

President Biden affirmed the belief that the Houthis are a terrorist group, regardless of their formal designation. The administration is considering redesignating them as a terrorist organization.

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International Response

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Saudi Arabia distanced itself from the attacks, seeking to maintain diplomatic ties with Iran and the ongoing cease-fire in Yemen. The strikes have the potential to impact regional dynamics.

Assessment of Damage

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The extent of damage from the airstrikes is yet to be fully assessed. The U.S. military evaluates the impact on Houthi capabilities, emphasizing that the strikes focused on low-populated areas.

Ongoing Tensions

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The recent airstrikes have reignited attention on Yemen’s prolonged conflict, marked by the Houthi insurgency since 2014. The situation remains fluid, with uncertainties about future developments in the region.

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