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U.S. Senator Says Netanyahu Continues To ‘Give the Finger’ to Biden Over Gaza Concerns

Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen has slammed Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for blatantly disregarding the American President’s appeals for enhancing the humanitarian effort in Gaza.

Speaking on a news channel, Van Hollen expressed that Netanyahu’s apparent dismissal of U.S. concerns is contradictory to the values of international cooperation and support.

He said Biden “needs to back up his ‘no excuses’ language with real action.”

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Van Hollen added, “We have a situation where Netanyahu continues to essentially give the finger to the president of the United States, and we’re sending more bombs, and that doesn’t make sense.”

Van Hollen advocates for a pause in sending offensive weapons to Israel until there’s a clear commitment to allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza, particularly with the anticipated Israeli invasion of Rafah, a city sheltering over a million Palestinians.

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Despite President Biden and his administration expressing frustration with the Israeli military’s actions in Gaza, which have led to significant civilian casualties, the U.S. has yet to condition military aid or employ measures to pressure Netanyahu for change. 

The conflict, ignited by a Hamas attack on October 7, has resulted in over 32,000 deaths in Gaza, according to Hamas-run health ministry figures.

Van Hollen urged the Biden administration to leverage U.S. aid more effectively to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches Gaza. 

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He criticized the administration’s approach of proceeding with previously approved weapons packages as circumventing Congressional scrutiny. 

While supporting Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas, Van Hollen emphasized the necessity of reducing civilian casualties and addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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Additionally, Van Hollen commented on the recent partial collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, underscoring the federal government’s commitment to aid recovery efforts, particularly for the families of workers involved in the incident. 

He highlighted the crucial role of immigrants in the U.S. and stressed the economic importance of quickly reopening the port of Baltimore.

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