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U.S. Special Forces on the Quest for High-Tech Sniper Rifle to Compete with Russia and China

The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is actively seeking a new sniper rifle. This initiative aims to enhance accuracy at unprecedented distances, keeping pace with the U.S. military’s major competitors.

Official Notice for Extreme Long-Range Sniper Rifle

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USSOCOM posted a notice on Sam.gov, a government website for federal contracts, expressing the need for an “extreme long-range sniper rifle.” This new weapon is intended to replace older models like the M107 and MK15.

Desired Specifications of the New Rifle

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The command is looking for a rifle with a “precision fire capability” of 2,500 meters, or 2,730 yards. This range could potentially surpass existing confirmed kill records.

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Current Sniper Kill Record

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The longest confirmed sniper kill to date was achieved in 2002 by Canadian Army sniper Cpl. Rob Furlong. Using a TAC-50, he recorded a kill from 2,430 meters or 2,657 yards.

USSOCOM’s Comment on Existing Rifles

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A USSOCOM spokesperson, when contacted by Fox News Digital, confirmed the search for a new rifle. They emphasized that current rifles like the M107 and MK15 remain highly capable.

Rationale Behind Seeking a New Rifle

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The pursuit of a new sniper rifle is driven by the desire to give U.S. special operations forces an advantage over “near peer” rivals, notably China and Russia.

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The Role of Industry and Shooting Sports Community

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The spokesperson highlighted that the “Extreme Long Range – Sniper Rifle” requirement is influenced by advancements from industry partners and the long-range shooting sports community. The new rifle will incorporate these developments for improved precision.

Expected Improvements with the New Rifle

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The ELR-SR (Extreme Long Range – Sniper Rifle) is expected to bring enhancements in long-range precision. These improvements will support Special Operations Forces in near-peer conflicts, increasing effective range and hit probability.

Detailed Specifications Sought by USSOCOM

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USSOCOM’s posting details the desired features of the new rifle. It should be modular, magazine-fed, and capable of multiple calibres, including required barrels and bolts for each calibre, magazines, stock, receiver, and more.

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Additional Requirements for the Rifle

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The new sniper rifle must also include a sound suppressor, ballistic computer, operator manual, cleaning kit, tool kit, and bipod. These features are essential for the operational needs of Special Operations Forces.

Caliber and Physical Specifications

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The rifle should be capable of firing both sub-sonic and supersonic rounds. It must not exceed a length of 56 inches and a weight of 22 pounds, ensuring portability and ease of use in the field.

Search for State-of-the-art weapons

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USSOCOM’s search for a new extreme long-range sniper rifle reflects the evolving needs of modern warfare. This initiative aims to equip U.S. Special Operations Forces with a state-of-the-art weapon, enhancing their capabilities in strategic military engagements.

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