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UAW Leader Hits Back at Trump After He Called him a ‘Dope’

Shawn Fain, the President of the United Auto Workers (UAW), has openly challenged former President Donald Trump’s criticism.

This clash comes after Trump labeled Fain a “dope” for endorsing President Joe Biden.

Fain’s Endorsement

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Fain reaffirmed his support for Biden on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” drawing a stark contrast between Biden and Trump’s support for unions and the working class.

He emphasized Biden’s historic effort to stand with workers on the picket lines.

Trump’s Approach to Labor

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According to Fain, Trump’s pretense of supporting union workers contrasts with his actions, which favor non-union labor.

Fain criticized Trump for his appearances at non-union factories while claiming to support unionized workers.

Tactics of Distraction

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Fain accuses Trump of using distraction techniques, a tactic he describes as “rope-a-dope.” This strategy, Fain argues, is designed to divert attention while eroding workers’ rights and benefits.

UAW’s Support for Biden

The UAW’s endorsement of Biden for his reelection campaign marks a significant show of support.

This follows a period of hesitation due to concerns about Biden’s electric vehicle policies.

Trump’s Outreach to Workers

Credit: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Trump has been actively seeking the support of blue-collar workers, especially in key battleground states like Michigan.

His direct engagements aim to position him favorably for a potential rematch with Biden.

Social Media Backlash

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Following Fain’s endorsement of Biden, Trump attacked Fain on social media, calling for his removal.

This public dispute highlights the tension between union leadership and Trump’s political strategies.

Critique of Tax Reforms


Fain criticized the 2017 tax reform under Trump, arguing it predominantly benefited the wealthy.

He claimed these reforms provided minimal benefits to working-class people.

Proposed Cuts to Welfare

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Trump’s suggested cuts to social welfare programs have drawn Fain’s ire.

Fain argues these cuts represent a broader attempt to undermine the economic stability of the working class.

Labor’s Leadership in Politics

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Fain asserts the importance of labor’s role in leading the fight for workers’ rights and equality.

He emphasizes the union’s commitment to factual campaigning and political engagement.

Inequality in Politics

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The struggle for union rights, according to Fain, mirrors the broader issue of inequality in American society.

Fain’s stance points to a significant divide between the interests of the working class and the elite.

The Power of Union Endorsement

Union support, particularly from influential groups like the UAW, can be pivotal in electoral politics.

Fain’s endorsement of Biden underscores the strategic importance of union backing.

Trump vs. Biden on Labor

Credit: Jim Watson and Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

The contrasting approaches of Trump and Biden to labor and union support have become a focal point of political discourse.

Fain’s comments illuminate the distinct paths each leader has taken regarding labor rights.

The Role of Unions in American Politics

Unions play a crucial role in shaping political outcomes through their endorsements and political activism.

The UAW’s support for Biden is a testament to their influence in the political arena.

The Future of Workers’ Rights

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As political tensions mount, the support and activism of labor unions like the UAW are critical in the fight for workers’ rights and economic equality.

Fain’s leadership and vocal support for Biden represent a continued commitment to this cause.

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