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Ukraine Exhausted as Reserves Dwindle in Battle With Russia

Ukraine’s loss of Avdiivka to Russia raises concerns about Ukrainian exhaustion, dwindling resources, and leadership issues in the ongoing conflict.

Prolonged Defense

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Ukrainian brigades defended Avdiivka for months without relief, leading to exhaustion and depleted resources.

Russian Tactics

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Russian soldiers employed airstrikes and waves of attacks, including the use of glide bombs and tunnels, to overwhelm Ukrainian defenders.

Commander’s Disappearance

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A battalion commander and two soldiers vanished under unclear circumstances, leaving behind questions and a sense of uncertainty among Ukrainian troops.

Decision To Withdraw

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With morale plummeting and resources dwindling, Ukraine chose to withdraw from Avdiivka to avoid a deadly siege akin to Mariupol’s Azovstal steel mill.

AP Investigation

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The Associated Press interviewed Ukrainian soldiers to uncover the factors contributing to the loss of Avdiivka, highlighting ammunition shortages and overwhelming Russian numbers.

Impact of Continuous Assaults

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Russian assaults, coupled with dwindling ammunition, pushed Ukrainian forces to their limits, leading to discussions of retreat.

Lack of Rotation

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Ukrainian brigades in Avdiivka lacked rotation and reinforcements, exacerbating exhaustion and depleted morale.

Firing of Military Chief

Credit: DepositPhotos – Bucha, Ukraine. APR 04, 2022 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy visit Bucha town after liberation it from Russian occupiers during Russian Ukrainian war — Photo by dmytro.larin.gmail.com

President Zelenskyy’s dismissal of Ukraine’s military chief amidst the Avdiivka crisis marked a significant shake-up in the military leadership.

Retreat and Consequences

Credit: DepositPhotos

Ultimately, Ukrainian forces retreated from Avdiivka as Russian troops closed in, leading to Russia’s claim of control over the city and its coke plant.

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