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Ukraine Takes Down Russian Landing Ship “Caesar Kunikov” Near Crimea

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has confirmed the destruction of the Russian ship Caesar Kunikov off the coast of Crimea, with most of its crew presumed dead.

The vessel was targeted by Ukrainian Special Operations Forces and Armed Forces in an operation involving Ukrainian-made drones.

Confirmation of Destruction

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Yusov, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, stated that while precise numbers are yet to be reported, the majority of the crew aboard the Caesar Kunikov have tragically lost their lives in the incident.

Operation Details

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The destruction of the Caesar Kunikov occurred near occupied Alupka on February 14, following strikes by Ukrainian-made Magura V5 drones.

Critical Damage Reported

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Intelligence reports indicate critical damage to the ship’s port side, leading to its sinking.

Uncertainty Over Casualties

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Dmytro Pletenchuk, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Naval Forces, mentioned that while the vessel typically carries a crew of 87 people, there is currently no exact count of sailors killed or injured in the attack.

About the Caesar Kunikov

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The Caesar Kunikov is a large landing ship of Project 775 and has been involved in various military operations, including the KFOR operation in Kosovo in 1999 and support missions for the Syrian army.

Ukrainian Military’s Effectiveness

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Despite Ukraine’s limited naval capabilities, it has demonstrated resilience and effectiveness in engaging Russian vessels.

Nearly 20 Ships Damaged Till Date

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Over the nearly two years of full-scale conflict with Russia, Ukraine has managed to destroy or damage over 20 Russian vessels.

Ongoing Conflict

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The destruction of the Caesar Kunikov underscores the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, particularly in the Crimea region.

The incident adds to the series of confrontations and military actions witnessed in the area.

Strategic Significance

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The Caesar Kunikov’s destruction marks a significant blow to Russian maritime capabilities and serves as a testament to Ukraine’s determination to defend its territory.

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