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Ukraine Upset Over Alleged Lack of Gratitude for Support

Ukraine has summoned the Polish ambassador and expressed anger over comments made about Kyiv’s perceived lack of gratitude for the military and financial support provided by Poland to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

Polish President’s Policy Chief’s Remarks

Marcin Przydacz, the Polish President’s international policy chief, stated that Ukraine should appreciate the role that Poland has played in supporting it over the months and years.

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Ukrainian Response and Spat

Ukraine reacted strongly to the remarks, summoning the Polish ambassador and stating that the comments do not reflect reality and are unacceptable.

Ongoing Disagreement

This incident is the latest development in an ongoing disagreement between the two nations. Previously, the Ukrainian Prime Minister criticized Poland’s steps to protect its economy, which Ukraine saw as unfriendly and populist.

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Other Instances of Alleged Ungratefulness

At the NATO summit in July, the United Kingdom’s Ben Wallace cautioned Ukraine to show more gratitude for its backers, leading to similar denials and a sarcastic response from President Zelensky.

Ukrainian Ambassador’s Criticism and Consequence

The Ukrainian ambassador to London’s remark, seen as criticism of President Zelensky’s leadership, resulted in his immediate removal from his post and return to Ukraine by Presidential decree.

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