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Ukraine’s Hunt for ‘Special Equipment’ Is Hurting Russia

Ukraine’s relentless pursuit of what it calls “special equipment” from Russia is delivering significant blows to Moscow’s war capabilities.

The term “special equipment” describes the less showy but no less important resources that support Moscow’s war machine.

Considerable Success

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Kyiv’s military recently reported that Russia has lost a record number of these vital assets, largely unnoticed by the international community.

In the past day alone, Russia lost four units of “special equipment,” bringing the total to 1,452 units lost over 23 months of intense warfare.

January’s Unprecedented Losses

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January marked a particularly challenging month for Russia, with 175 units of “special equipment” lost.

Exceeding Previous Best

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These losses exceeded any monthly figures reported by Ukraine in 2023, surpassing the previous highest monthly loss in July 2023 when Russia lost 135 units.

The Significance of ‘Special Equipment’

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While the term may sound innocuous, “special equipment” represents the backbone of Russia’s military operations behind the front lines.


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It includes electronic warfare systems, radars, engineering equipment such as mine-clearing vehicles, and support and maintenance vehicles crucial for the functioning of tanks and armored vehicles.

Ukraine’s Targeted Approach

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Ukraine has honed in on this critical equipment, recognizing its importance in sustaining Russia’s simultaneous offensives.

Experts emphasize that Ukrainian forces are actively hunting down these assets to disrupt Moscow’s war machine.

Stealthy Elimination of Key Assets

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Reports from Ukraine indicate a growing success in targeting Russian radar systems and similar equipment.

Ukrainian efforts to eliminate these assets are pivotal, as they keep Russia uncertain about Kyiv’s resource allocation along the front lines.

Protects Ukrainian Assets

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Additionally, they protect Ukrainian assets, such as aircraft, drones, and troops, during reconnaissance and operations against Russian equipment and bases behind enemy lines.

Undermining Russian Front-Line Forces

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By dismantling the Kremlin’s electronic warfare systems, radars, logistics, and maintenance vehicles, Ukraine aims to weaken Russia’s front-line forces advancing in Ukraine’s Kharkiv and Luhansk regions.

Russian Advances and Ukrainian Resistance

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Ukraine’s military intelligence agency reports that Russia is pushing westward, with an objective to reach the Zherebets River near the Kharkiv and Luhansk borders.

This move follows months of fierce clashes around Avdiivka in Donetsk, where Russia has been encircling the Ukrainian stronghold since October.

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