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Ukrainian Air Force Commander Claims Shahed Drones Drowned in Crimea Incident

An attack on a ship reportedly transporting Iranian Shahed attack drones has occurred in Crimea, resulting in powerful explosions and a significant fire in the Feodosia port area.

Russian Media Attributes Event To Air Defense

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Russian media initially attributed the explosions to air defense forces’ actions. The occupation head of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, confirmed the attack and announced the surrounding of the port area.

Explosions and Fire in Feodosia

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Reports of powerful explosions in Feodosia raised concerns, with Russian media attributing the blasts to the actions of air defense forces. Subsequently, local residents began reporting a substantial fire in the vicinity of the Feodosia port.

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Attack on Ship Transporting Shahed Drones

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The Telegram channel Krymskyi Veter provided information that suggested the attack targeted a ship carrying Shahed drones from Iran. This development raises questions about the nature of the cargo and the motives behind the attack.

Ukrainian Air Force Commander’s Statement

Credit: Las Vegas, United States – 15.11.2019 USAF Thunderbirds demonstration flight during the Aviation Nation Airshow in Nellis Air Force Base in 15.11.2019 in Las Vegas, United States — Photo by adameq2

Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Mykola Oleshchuk, stated that following the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the cruiser Moskva, a large landing ship named Novocherkassk was heading towards the region. Oleshchuk alluded to rumors indicating that Shahed drones were part of the cargo being transported.

Footage Emerges on Social Media

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Videos and images depicting the arrival of the cruiser Moskva and the situation in Crimea began circulating on social media platforms, providing visual evidence of the incident.

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Escalating Situation in Crimea

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Crimea has witnessed an escalation in explosive incidents, with Ukrainian defenders conducting numerous operations on the peninsula and in the Black Sea.

Operations Directed At Russian Bases

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These operations have been directed at Russian bases, depots, and ships, contributing to the rising tensions in the region.

December 24 Explosion in Sevastopol

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On December 24, a powerful explosion rocked Sevastopol. Witnesses reported hearing a sound resembling that of a missile before the explosion, suggesting a potential military origin.

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December 20 Explosion in Chornomorske

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Another significant explosion occurred near the settlement of Chornomorske in western Crimea on December 20.

Struck Long Range Space Comms

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Reports indicated that it struck the center of the long-range space communications of the Russian Aerospace Forces, further adding to the series of explosive events in the region.

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