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Ukrainian Colonel Walks 370 Miles To Destroy Russian Bomber

In a rare disclosure of operational details, the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (GUR) has shed light on a remarkable mission led by Colonel Oleh Babiy, who walked hundreds of miles through enemy territory to thwart Russian aircraft involved in bombing Ukraine.

Colonel Oleh Babiy’s Honorable Posthumous Tribute

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Colonel Oleh Babiy, aged 43, is posthumously honored by GUR for his unwavering dedication in countering Russian aggression.

Special Operations

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The GUR acknowledged that since the commencement of Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion, Colonel Babiy had taken charge of his unit, executing special operations both within the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine and inside Russian territory itself.

Significant Impact

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These clandestine missions, as per GUR, significantly altered the course of the ongoing conflict.

Operations Behind Enemy Lines

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Colonel Babiy’s actions included undertaking nine reconnaissance sorties deep within enemy territory, orchestrating 12 operations to bolster the resistance movement in Russian-controlled Ukrainian regions, and identifying command posts and equipment subsequently targeted by Ukrainian forces.

Major Damage To Moscow’s Effort

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Thanks to Babiy and his unit, Moscow’s logistical operations were disrupted, critical facilities were destroyed, and several Russian military units saw their combat capabilities diminished.

A Feat of Endurance in August

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In August, Colonel Babiy embarked on his final mission, displaying remarkable endurance. Tasked with halting Russia’s aerial bombardment of Ukraine, Babiy and his comrades traversed over 370 miles, infiltrating deep into enemy territory.

Russian Tupolev TU-22M3 Bomber Destroyed

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While the exact location remains undisclosed, GUR reported that their efforts resulted in the destruction of a Russian Tupolev TU-22M3 bomber and the disabling of two more aircraft that had been involved in attacks on Ukraine.

Impact on Russia’s Plans

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This action disrupted Russia’s plans for missile strikes on Ukraine and inflicted economic damage while sowing panic among the local population and the Russian military.

Ambushed on the Return

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However, upon their return to Ukrainian territory, Colonel Babiy’s group faced an ambush by Russian troops on August 30. Babiy sustained fatal injuries and passed away, as per the GUR statement, which did not reveal the fate of his comrades.

Heroic Recognition and Sacrifice

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In recognition of his extraordinary feat, Colonel Oleh Babiy was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with the Order of the Golden Star.

A Hero

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During the presentation of the award to his family on January 23, Ukraine’s Day of Unity, President Volodymyr Zelensky told Babiy’s seven-year-old son Artemchyk, “your father is a hero, and you are the son of a hero.”

Babiy’s Family’s Courage

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Babiy’s wife, Yuliia, learned of his death on August 31 but chose to keep it to herself initially, not to overshadow their son’s first day of school the following day.

A Personal Message

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She recounted that her husband often told her, “You have to be strong for the sake of our children because you knew who you were marrying.” The couple also has a daughter who was just one year old when Colonel Babiy passed away.

Honoring Babiy’s Legacy

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A commemorative plaque has been unveiled at the Lviv school where Colonel Babiy received his education. The ceremony was attended by teachers, fellow soldiers, classmates, friends, and representatives of the city administration and clergy. In the words of GUR, “Heroes don’t die,” commemorating the enduring legacy of Colonel Oleh Babiy’s heroism.

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