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Ukrainian Forces Take Down High-Value Russian Drone Over the Black Sea

Ukrainian air defense units achieved a significant victory over Russia by shooting down a Forpost drone above the Black Sea.

The strike was confirmed by Illia Yevlash, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s AIr Force, during a national broadcast.

Credits: DepositPhotos

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This incident, reported on April 1, marked a key moment as Ukrainian forces thwarted Russian attempts to target infrastructure within Ukraine, utilizing Kh-59 missiles among other means.

The striking down of the Forpost drone is significant due to its extremely high cost, valued at approximately $7 million.

Odesa’s anti-aircraft missile brigade was credited with the success of the operation.

Credits: DepositPhotos

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The Forpost, known for its ability to carry diverse combat payloads and conduct prolonged operations at the front lines, resembles the capabilities of the well-regarded Bayraktar drone.

It is equipped for reconnaissance missions and can be armed with two missiles or other weaponry aimed at destroying ground targets.

Credits: DepositPhotos

This event marks a significant achievement since the last reported destruction of a Forpost drone by Ukrainian forces near Snake Island in September of the previous year. 

Military sources emphasize the strategic threat posed by the Forpost, highlighting its dual functionality in reconnaissance and target designation for subsequent attacks.

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