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Ukrainian Kamikaze Drone Attack Downs £55 Million Russian Warship in Black Sea


Ukraine has reported another significant blow to the Russian military, claiming the sinking of a £55,000,000 Russian missile carrier ship due to an attack by a kamikaze sea drone.

Dramatic Footage Emerges

Credit: DepositPhotos

Incredible footage captured the intense assault on the 184 ft Black Sea missile ship known as the Ivanovets.

Multiple Drone Attack

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The warship faced a barrage of attacks from multiple drones near annexed Crimea, leaving the fate of the crew uncertain.

Military Informant Report

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According to the Telegram channel “Military Informant,” the ship suffered critical damage from direct hits to its hull, rendering it immobile, causing the Ivanovets to tilt and ultimately sink.

Location of the Attack

Credit: DepositPhotos

The incident occurred in the sea lake Donuzlav, a bay located in the western part of Crimea, frequently used by military vessels.

Russian Officials Yet to Confirm

Credit: DepositPhotos

Russian authorities have not officially acknowledged the strike, although pro-Putin war Telegram channels have corroborated the news.

Ukrainian Special Forces Operation

Credit: Depositphotos

Reports suggest that the attack on the Ivanovets was orchestrated by multiple drones launched from the sea near Odessa.

The operation was reportedly led by Group 13, the special forces unit of the Ukrainian GUR military intelligence agency.

Adding to the List of Sunk Warships

Credits: DepositPhotos

If confirmed, the Ivanovets would join the growing list of Russian warships sunk in recent years.

This list includes the Moskva cruiser, a flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, which fell victim to Neptune missiles in April 2022.

Unclear Toll on the Moskva

Credit: DepositPhotos

Notably, Vladimir Putin has not provided an accurate count of the losses incurred with the sinking of the Moskva.

Recent Sunk Ships

Credits: DepositPhotos

Several other sizable landing ships have met a similar fate, with the most recent being the Novocherkassk, which was struck on December 26, 2023.

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