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Ukrainian Military Hits Back On Russian Tu-95 Bomber Pilot Who Fired Missiles on Civilians

In a demonstration of the reach of Ukrainian military intelligence, Major Oleg Sergeevich Stegachyov, a Russian bomber pilot associated with missile strikes on Ukraine, was reportedly shot near the Engels airbase in western Russia.

Engels Airbase Under Scrutiny

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Located in the Saratov region of Russia, the Engels airbase, a pivotal site for Russia’s strategic bomber operations against Ukraine, including the Tu-95 bombers, became the backdrop for this significant incident.

The Victim: Major Oleg Sergeevich Stegachyov

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Identified by Ukraine’s GUR as a key figure in attacks on Ukrainian civilians, Major Stegachyov’s involvement in the conflict and subsequent targeting underscores the heightened tensions between the warring nations.

Ukraine’s Warning

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Ukraine’s military intelligence agency issued a stark warning following the incident, signaling that all individuals involved in acts against Ukraine would face retribution, emphasizing their knowledge of personal details and habits of those targeted.

The Attack’s Circumstances

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While specific details of the shooting remain under wraps, Ukraine’s deliberate mention of the incident signals a message of capability and intent to Russian forces operating against them.

Russia’s Response

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At the time of writing, the Russian Defense Ministry had not provided any confirmation of the claim.

Kyiv’s Covert Operations

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Though Kyiv seldom acknowledges direct involvement in cross-border strikes, the pattern of targeting Russian military assets suggests a strategic effort to undermine Russia’s operational capabilities and morale.

December Attacks on Engels

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Previous drone attacks on the Engels airbase, as reported by Russia in December 2022, highlight the ongoing vulnerability of Russian military infrastructure to Ukrainian intelligence operations.

Analysis by ISW

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The Institute for the Study of War noted Ukraine’s likely objectives with the Engels base attacks: disrupting Russian operations and showcasing Ukraine’s ability to strike deep within Russian territory.

Moscow’s Air Defense Struggles

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The British Defense Ministry’s insights reveal Russia’s challenges in defending critical locations like the Engels airbase, underscoring systemic vulnerabilities in Russia’s air defense network.

Wider Targets

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Ukraine’s military intelligence has also focused on other Russian airbases, including Soltsy-2 and Pskov, indicating a broader strategy of pressure on Russian military assets.

Russia’s Counterstrikes

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In retaliation, Russia has targeted Ukrainian military airbases, such as the Starokostiantyniv facility, marking a tit-for-tat in military engagements between the two nations.

A New Phase of Conflict

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The shooting near Engels airbase represents a significant escalation in Ukraine’s intelligence operations against Russian military personnel, signaling a new phase in the conflict where borders are no longer barriers to targeted actions.

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