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Ukrainian Releases ‘Massive’ Missile Barrage, Blows Up Russian Warship Near Crimea

Ukraine’s military intelligence reports a significant blow to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, claiming to have sunk a Russian warship off the coast of Crimea. 

The incident follows a “massive” missile attack by Ukraine on the occupied peninsula, marking the latest escalation in tensions between the two nations.

Ukrainian Claims of Sinking Russian Warship

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According to Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence, the guided missile ship “Ivanovets” suffered multiple hits and sank overnight in Lake Donuzlav, Crimea’s deepest lake. 

Night-time footage released by Ukraine shows naval drones striking the vessel, causing substantial damage and leading to its apparent sinking.

Verification Challenges

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While Ukraine asserts the sinking of the Russian warship, independent verification of the incident is yet to be confirmed. 

CNN could not independently verify Ukraine’s claims, raising questions about the accuracy of the reports and the exact details of the attack.

Silence from Russian Officials

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As of now, the Russian Defense Ministry, the Kremlin, and other Russian authorities have not commented on the reported sinking of the Russian warship. 

The lack of response adds to the uncertainty surrounding the incident and its implications for the ongoing conflict.

Continued Strikes on the Russian Black Sea Fleet

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The sinking of the Ivanovets marks another blow to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, following previous Ukrainian strikes aimed at weakening Russian forces in the region. 

These actions represent both strategic and symbolic attempts to challenge Russia’s presence in Crimea since its annexation in 2014.

History of Ukrainian Strikes

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Ukraine has previously targeted Russian ships and conducted missile attacks on Crimea, aiming to isolate the peninsula and disrupt Russian military operations. 

Notable strikes include the attack on the Moskva in April 2022, altering Russian tactics near Ukrainian-controlled areas.

Recent Missile Barrage on Crimea

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Prior to the reported sinking of the Russian warship, Ukraine launched a barrage of missiles at Crimea, describing it as part of efforts to cleanse the region from Russian presence. 

While Russian air defenses intercepted most of the missiles, damage was reported in Sevastopol, including at the Belbek airfield.

Response from Russian Officials

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Russian authorities confirmed the missile attack on Sevastopol, with the Russia-appointed governor reporting the interception of several missiles. 

Despite damage to buildings, no injuries were reported, according to officials.

Speculation Over Military Leadership

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Amidst escalating tensions, speculation arises regarding the potential dismissal of General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. 

Weeks of growing tensions with President Volodymyr Zelensky have fueled speculation about shifts in military leadership.

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