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Ukrainian Soldier Describes Russian Military’s Arsenal in Eastern Ukraine as ‘Overwhelming’

As Russia’s military campaign in eastern Ukraine continues, insights from front-line soldiers shed light on the challenging conditions they face.

Soldiers from the Ukrainian National Guard soldier shared their experiences during a CNN interview, emphasizing the dominance of weaponry available to Russian troops.

Let’s delve into the soldiers’ perspective of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Russian Military Dominance

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Front-line soldier Dmytro of the Bureviy Brigade expressed the overwhelming presence of the Russian military in eastern Ukraine.

“The Russians, they shoot direct fire. Planes are flying over. Basically, they have it all,” said Dmytro during the interview

Tanks: A Terrifying Threat

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Dmytro added, “But probably the worst are tanks,” he said. “When they fire, you don’t even hear it. You hear an airplane when it comes over. With a tank, you’re in God’s hands.”

Artillery is also a serious threat, but tanks do come with a certain shock value.

Ukraine’s Tank Countermeasures

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Despite the challenges, Ukraine has managed to inflict severe losses on the Russian armor force, destroying approximately 2,600 main battle tanks since the war’s inception, with several hundred taken out in recent months.

But Russians Are Replacing Tanks Quickly

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However, the Russian military continues to replace these losses with new tanks.

As per a recent UK intelligence assessment, the Russians are replacing nearly 100 tanks a month.

Ukrainian Struggles with Weapon Shortages

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The Ukrainian military has been grappling with shortages of weapons and ammunition, exacerbated by delays in crucial support from the United States.

Drone Pilot’s Insight

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“It’s no secret we’re starved of artillery shells,” a drone pilot, Nazariy, told CNN.

“We try to work as efficiently and accurately as possible in order to hit the enemy’s fire power.”

Escalation of Russian Attacks

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In some sectors of the conflict, Russian attacks have intensified in recent days, resulting in what Ukrainian officials describe as up to 50 “combat clashes” daily for their troops.

Russian Equipment and Manpower Much More

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“The situation is very active and very tense,” Dmytro said in his interview with CNN, adding, “The enemy has much more equipment and manpower. Basically, every day, they try to storm their positions.”

Russian Military’s Production Capacity

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The Russian military has significantly increased its industrial capacity and recruitment efforts.

Recent reports suggest that, in addition to replacing lost troops, Russia can produce approximately 100 tanks per month, reinforcing their presence on the battlefield.

Challenges in US Aid Delivery

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Ukraine has not received a new security aid package from the United States in about a month.

The Pentagon has also indicated that it lacks the capacity to repair the weapons previously supplied to Ukraine.

Pentagon Trying To Get a New Package

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“We will continue to work closely with Congress and urge supplemental funding as soon as possible,” Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Patrick Ryder said in a briefing on Jan. 23.

Concerns of Ukrainian President

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy voiced his concerns about the lack of Western support, warning of the potential for increased casualties and suffering due to the ongoing conflict.

The situation remains complex, with Ukraine’s military facing formidable challenges while striving to defend its territory.

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