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Unbelievable Spectacle: OSU College Drag Show Causes Shockwaves – Features Bare-chested Woman Lifting Weights!

An utterly shocking spectacle unfolded at Oregon State University as a daring performer decided to bare it all, literally, and lift weights with her bare breasts at a drag show. What makes the situation even more scandalous? Kids were allegedly among the audience!

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This eyebrow-raising event was reportedly held on June 2 at OSU’s LaSells Stewart Center in Corvallis, Oregon. Organized by OSU’s LGBTQ+ Rainbow Continuum, this drag show was provocatively advertised as “ILLEGAL”.

The student-backed group didn’t shy away from promoting the event as an ‘all ages’ affair while giving a subtle hint about the inclusion of ‘adult themes’, according to the conservative higher education news site Campus Reform.

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One of the performers in the daring drag show didn’t think twice before going topless on stage and using her breasts as a prop to lift weights. This spectacle was allegedly recorded and shared by Campus Reform. The video suggests the presence of kids in the audience. 

Credits: DepositPhotos

As per Rebecca Lang, president of Students for Life at OSU, “Two kids were so small that they had to be lifted by two adults to watch the audacious show.”

In a damning indictment, Lang asserted, “The show consisted of extremely explicit sexual content including sexually provocative performances by men and women in drag and costumes.”

The video shows the bare-chested performer trying to hold various objects, including a wooden sword and ‘five-pound’ weights, with her breasts. At one point, a ladder and a ‘trans-masc’ assistant joined her for the outrageous ‘[expletive] weightlifting’ performance.

Furthermore, footage reveals a drag queen leading a child on stage for an interview, with the audience cheering enthusiastically. Lang alleged that the kids “were subjected to a sexual display that included not only references but physical moves and sexually explicit dances by both biological men and women, and extreme nudity as well.”

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