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Under Investigation: Democratic Consultant Hired Magician in New Hampshire Fake Biden Robocall Scandal

A Democratic consultant employed a New Orleans magician to fabricate a fake Biden robocall, leading to a multi-state investigation.

The robocall has drawn intense scrutiny from law enforcement for potential violations of state voter suppression and federal telecom laws.

Key Players Involved

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Steve Kramer, who has worked on ballot access for Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips, allegedly contracted Paul Carpenter, a magician, to create the AI-generated imitation of Biden’s voice.

The incident has drawn widespread attention as it marks the potential for misuse of AI technology in political campaigns.

What did Carpenter do?

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Using AI technology, Carpenter quickly produced the Biden impersonation, costing a mere $1, and was completed in less than 20 minutes.

The fake robocall has raised concerns over potential violations of state voter suppression and federal telecom laws.

Carpenter’s Statement

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“I created the audio used in the robocall. I did not distribute it,” Carpenter said in an interview in New Orleans, where he is currently residing.

“I was in a situation where someone offered me some money to do something, and I did it. There was no malicious intent. I didn’t know how it was going to be distributed.”

Dean Phillips Response

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Democratic candidate Dean Phillips expressed dismay over Kramer’s alleged involvement.

He tweeted on Friday, “I’m disgusted that a consultant hired to assist my campaign w/ballot access is alleged to have faked a robocall impersonating Joe Biden,”

Denying Ties

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He continued, “While I don’t know the person, such behavior is despicable and I trust will be investigated by authorities.”

Corruption Allegations

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He added, “It’s also despicable that the Party actively limits access to state ballots and blackballs reputable consultants who would otherwise work with challengers like me.

The corruption in politics is pervasive and must be exposed and addressed.”

Financial Transactions

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Venmo records revealed payments of $150 to Carpenter from Kramer and his father, Bruce Kramer, corroborating Carpenter’s account.

“It’s so scary that it’s this easy to do,” Carpenter said in the interview. “People aren’t ready for it.”

Statement from the Biden Campaign

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Senior advisor to the Biden campaign, Liz Purdy, stated in a statement following publication that the campaign is “hyper vigilant” regarding the “urgent threat” of misinformation.

“We support efforts, including by New Hampshire law enforcement, to hold those who want to disrupt our democratic elections accountable,” she added.

Carpenter’s Background

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Carpenter is a celebrated magician who holds world records in fork-bending and straitjacket escapes.

As a self-described “digital nomad artist of life,” Carpenter did not anticipate being in politics.

He claims to have met Steve Kramer last year, eventually placing him at the center of a national political controversy. 

Only Thing Missing

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“The only thing missing from the political circus is a magician and here I am,” said Carpenter, who also hosts a podcast, has created mentalism instructional videos, and says he has performed in 24 countries.

Kramer’s History

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Steve Kramer, president of his firm, has a checkered past involving controversies and lawsuits in his political career.

Kramer’s history raises questions about his ethical standards and suitability for political campaign involvement.

Focus of Law Enforcement

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Authorities primarily scrutinized a Texas telemarketing company for distributing the robocalls and examined potential legal infractions.

The fraudulent calls reached thousands, utilizing spoofing to appear as originating from a prominent Democratic figure, heightening concerns of voter manipulation.

Public Outcry Follows

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The scandal has elicited widespread condemnation, highlighting the vulnerability of democratic processes to technological manipulation.

There are growing demands for accountability and stricter regulations to prevent the misuse of AI technology in political campaigns.

Future Implications

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As technology advances, addressing the potential misuse of AI and deepfake technology becomes increasingly critical to safeguarding election integrity.

The incident highlights the need for proactive measures to mitigate the risks posed by emerging technologies in political campaigns.

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