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Underwhelming Stories: Redditors Share Their Most Disappointing Experiences

Reddit’s r/AskReddit community is known for its enlightening discussions and intriguing questions. One such thread that caught our attention was a query about “the most underwhelming way you’ve gotten a promotion, raise, or reward.”

We delved into this Reddit post to uncover some of the most lackluster stories shared by users. Prepare to be unimpressed!

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A Chance Gone Wrong: A Tale of Mediocrity

User u/DisappointedlyHonest shared a story that perfectly embodies an underwhelming experience. It begins with their boss calling them into their office, making it sound like they were about to receive exciting news.

However, instead of a raise or promotion, the only reward offered was the opportunity to “be in charge of ordering the paper.” The user’s dreams were shattered, leaving them utterly disappointed.

A “Fancy” Lunch That Failed to Deliver

Another Reddit user, u/SadSammich, recounted their less-than-exhilarating lunch experience. They had been told by their supervisor that there was a surprise lunch meeting scheduled, fueling their anticipation.

However, their high hopes were quickly deflated when they learned that they were all gathering to eat sandwiches in the break room while discussing mundane office matters. The “fancy” lunch turned out to be anything but that, leaving the user with a sense of disappointment.

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From Potential Promotion to Office Vacuum Cleaner

One particularly disheartening tale was shared by u/AmbiguousFiasco. They described an incident where they were called into the boss’s office thinking they were about to be promoted. Instead, the boss asked them to test out a new office vacuum cleaner.

Credits: DepositPhotos

Not only did they not receive a raise, but they were also burdened with a seemingly menial task. The user must have wondered how vacuuming related to their job responsibilities.

A Raise Turned Bargain

User u/MotivatinglyDeflated spoke of a perplexing promotion experience where they were promised a raise. However, when they received their new salary, they discovered it was an amount that simply brought them up to industry standards.

The raise, once seen as a token of appreciation for their hard work, turned into a mere catch-up with competitors. The feeling of underwhelming was undeniable.

The Promotion That Wasn’t All That It Seemed

Lastly, u/ImperfectlyContent shared a story about a promotion that initially seemed exciting but quickly turned sour. After a promotion announcement, the user was informed that their added responsibilities would not have any effect on their current workload.

The promised benefits turned out to be empty words, leaving the user feeling underwhelmed and having no real reason to celebrate.


The Reddit post about underwhelming promotions, raises, and rewards shed light on the disappointing experiences faced by some individuals in their professional lives. Whether it is being promised a promotion only to be saddled with trivial tasks or receiving a nominal raise that falls short of expectations, these stories remind us that not all rewards are created equal.

While these tales may not be the most heartwarming, they undoubtedly portray the disappointments faced by individuals in the workplace.

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