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Unsettling Consequences: Mother Decries California Bill on Affirming Child’s Gender Identity

Jeannette Cooper, a mother from Chicago who lost custody of her 12-year-old daughter in 2019, is raising a red flag about a controversial California bill, AB 957. This legislation could make parents liable for child abuse if they refuse to affirm their child’s gender identity in custody disputes.

Cooper, during an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” expressed her objections to the bill, asserting that disagreements about belief systems should not be equated with abuse. She highlighted the stark difference between denying a child’s preferred pronouns and instances of physical abuse or neglect, calling the comparison an insult to children genuinely suffering from such harmful situations.

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Cooper recounts her own painful experience of losing custody of her daughter, who decided to identify as a male during a routine visit with her father, Cooper’s ex-husband. Despite accepting her daughter’s new name and preferred pronouns, Cooper’s stance against the belief that people can be born in the “wrong body” led to accusations of an unsafe environment, resulting in the loss of her custodial rights.

The disputed California bill, AB 957, which passed the State Assembly on May 3, includes an amendment to the state’s standard for parental responsibility. This amendment mandates parents to affirm a child’s gender identity, as part of their obligations for providing for “the health, safety, and welfare of the child,” in a court of law.

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The ramifications of the legislation are severe. Parents who fail to comply with this new standard may be deemed guilty of child abuse, potentially leading to their children being removed from their homes.

California State Rep. Lori Wilson, a Democrat and one of the bill’s authors, defended the legislation. She argued that affirming a child’s gender identity is in the child’s best interest and protects transgender and gender nonconforming (TGI) children from non-affirming or abusive caretakers.

Cooper, on the other hand, argues that the far-left gender ideology has become pervasive and is influencing young children without providing them with healthy boundaries. As the debate over the bill and its implications continues, a State Senate hearing on AB 957 is scheduled for Tuesday.

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