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Untraceable Firearms Exploring Their Nature and the Ongoing Controversy

The Battle Over Untraceable Firearms

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Struggles have arisen over the control of untraceable firearms, kits that allow for the creation of homemade guns, sparking controversy and legal challenges.

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The recent Supreme Court decision temporarily upholds the Biden administration’s attempt to regulate these firearms, shedding light on the ongoing discourse on gun control.

Biden’s Attempt at Regulation

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President Biden introduced regulations targeting untraceable firearms last year as part of his comprehensive initiative to address the proliferation of illegal firearms.

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These regulations aimed to require licenses, serial numbers, and background checks for manufacturers and sellers of components used to assemble homemade guns.

Inconsistent Enforcement and Legal Battles

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Challenges faced by the federal oversight of untraceable firearms include inconsistent enforcement, notable loopholes, and ongoing legal battles.

While a lower court judge invalidated the regulation, the Supreme Court allowed it to stand temporarily during the ongoing legal challenges.

Understanding Untraceable Firearms

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Untraceable firearms are different from ordinary firearms as they are sold as separate parts and can be assembled by unlicensed individuals at home.

Unlike regular firearms, untraceable firearms do not require a background check and do not possess serial numbers.

Assembly Complexity and Accessibility

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Assembling an untraceable firearm is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive process, often requiring minimal effort and tools like a drill.

Many kits include assembly instructions or provide links to online tutorials, with a jig device enabling quick assembly in under 15 minutes.

Historical Context and Popularity

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Untraceable firearms have been available since the 1990s but gained popularity around 2009, particularly in California to bypass assault weapon regulations.

Sales of untraceable firearms increased further in 2016, as people started replicating firearms like the Glock 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol.

Prevalence and Impact

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The exact number of untraceable firearms in circulation prior to regulations is unknown, but data suggests an annual increase in prevalence, especially in states with strict firearm regulations.

Law enforcement officials reported that untraceable firearms comprised a significant percentage of firearms recovered at crime scenes, with many possessors being legally prohibited from firearm possession.

Connection to Mass Shootings

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Some mass shootings have involved untraceable firearms, but analysts suggest they are not disproportionately associated with such incidents.

The larger concern is their impact on day-to-day gun violence, particularly in communities of color across the nation.

Effectiveness of Regulation

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President Biden’s ability to regulate untraceable firearms through executive actions is limited, with minimal impact on curbing their sale.

Challenges arise from the regulation’s origins as an executive action rather than a legislative statute validated by Congress..

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