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US Military Constructs Floating Pier To Expedite Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

The United States Central Command has recently unveiled images showcasing the ongoing construction of a floating pier off the coast of Gaza. 

This significant project, initiated by the U.S. military, aims to facilitate the delivery of crucial humanitarian aid to the region’s severely impacted population. 

The construction, which commenced last week at sea, involves multiple military vessels and crews working diligently to establish the temporary pier.

This initiative, known as Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore (JLOTS), is projected to cost approximately $320 million, encompassing all initial construction expenses. 

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The operational costs of the pier are expected to increase as the project continues over the coming months. 

According to Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, the pier should start facilitating the delivery of humanitarian assistance by early May, initially handling the equivalent of 90 trucks per day, with plans to scale up to 150 trucks per day once fully operational.

A senior military official emphasized that while the U.S. military is prepared to manage the pier for several months, there will be no U.S. military presence on the ground in Gaza, aligning with President Joe Biden’s directive. 

The initial operations at the pier will involve cooperation between the Israel Defense Forces and the U.S. military, ensuring the causeway’s anchorage to Gaza’s shoreline on the first day of operation.

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The ultimate goal for the U.S. is to transition the pier into a permanent commercial facility that could be utilized by various countries and non-governmental organizations. 

In support of the construction efforts, the British Navy support ship RFA Cardigan Bay is en route from Cyprus, tasked with providing accommodation for the hundreds of U.S. military personnel involved in the project.

The World Food Programme (WFP) has committed to assisting with the distribution of aid from the pier, while USAID will collaborate with the United Nations to manage the distribution once the aid reaches Gaza. 

The logistics involve aid being shipped from Cyprus to the floating pier, which is anchored several miles off the Gaza coast. 

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From there, smaller Army boats capable of carrying approximately 15 trucks of aid each will shuttle the supplies to the anchored causeway.

The construction of the pier comes at a critical time as the humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues to escalate. 

All 2.2 million residents of Gaza are currently facing severe food shortages, with half of the population on the brink of starvation. 

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The region’s dire situation is further compounded by ongoing Israeli military operations, including a significant airstrike over Rafah that resulted in numerous casualties.

Amidst these challenges, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken acknowledged the progress in delivering aid to Gaza but stressed that the efforts are insufficient to fully address the humanitarian crisis. 

The ongoing conflict has severely restricted aid deliveries, exacerbating the suffering of Gaza’s population.

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In parallel with the humanitarian efforts, diplomatic negotiations concerning a cease-fire and hostage exchange continue, with new proposals being considered to facilitate a pause in hostilities. 

This includes a potential agreement for Hamas to release hostages in exchange for a cease-fire, with discussions being mediated by Egypt and Qatar.

As the international community watches closely, the successful completion and operation of the floating pier are anticipated to provide a vital lifeline to the people of Gaza, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the profound challenges they face.

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