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US Navy Battling Houthis’ Unprecedented Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles That Have Been Used For The First Time “In History”

US Navy warships are facing a new threat off the coast of Yemen: Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles.

These weapons, never before encountered in combat, pose a significant challenge, but they also offer a valuable learning opportunity for American forces.

Unprecedented Threat 

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The Houthis’ use of anti-ship ballistic missiles marks a historic first, complicating the threat environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

These missiles, along with other weapons, have targeted international shipping lanes and even struck commercial vessels.

US Response 

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Over the past months, US warships in the region have engaged in numerous battles against Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles, employing both defensive measures and preemptive strikes.

The USS Gravely, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, has been particularly active in this effort.

Training And Preparedness 

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Cmdr. Brian Sanchez, commanding officer of the USS Gravely, praised his sailors’ resilience and extensive training, emphasizing their ability to respond effectively to these engagements.

This Is What We’ve Trained to Do

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The Cmdr. says, “Now that we’re out here, this is what we’ve trained to do,” he said in an interview with Business Insider.

“We might be seeing it for the first time, but it’s nothing new, because we’ve had those repetitions of training.” 
The data collected during these encounters is being analyzed to improve counter-weapon systems.

Carrier Strike Group 2 Operations 

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Rear Adm. Marc Miguez, commander of Carrier Strike Group 2, highlighted the performance of US ship weapons systems, noting that new capabilities have proven effective against the ballistic missile threat.

New Capabilities

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“We do have some new capabilities that were fielded over the last couple of years, and it’s paid huge dividends when it comes to basically defeating this ballistic missile threat,” he told Business Insider.

Houthi Arsenal 

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The Houthis possess a significant arsenal of anti-ship ballistic missiles, some of which are of Iranian origin.

While the specific missiles used have not been identified, their threat underscores the importance of ongoing US Navy operations.

Global Implications 

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Anti-ship ballistic missiles are a growing concern, especially in the Pacific theater where tensions with China are rising.

While the sophistication of China’s arsenal surpasses that of the Houthis, any such missile poses a grave threat to maritime security.

Valuable Experience 

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Despite the dangers posed by Houthi missiles, US military leaders see these engagements as opportunities to test and validate defense systems.

The Navy’s successful response reaffirms the effectiveness of its training and equipment.

Great Opportunity

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“Not that we like getting shot at,” said Miguez, the Carrier Strike Group 2 commander, “but it was a great opportunity to prove that the systems that we did purchase, and we fielded, and we trained to, actually work when asked.”

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