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US Sends Urgent Military Aid to Ukraine, Including Thousands of Seized Arms From Iran

As Ukraine continues its struggle against Russian forces, the United States is stepping up its support with significant military aid, despite a stalled broader aid package.

The U.S. State Department has greenlit an urgent foreign military sales package worth $138 million to provide critical maintenance and spare parts for Ukraine’s Hawk missile systems, crucial for the country’s air defense amid ongoing Russian missile threats.

The Hawk, a medium-range surface-to-air missile system, is vital for Ukraine’s defense against aerial assaults. 

This system has been a cornerstone of air defense strategies since its inception in the 1950s and has been continuously updated to counter modern threats.

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Credits: DepositPhotos – US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin speaks during a press conference during a two-day meeting of the alliance’s Defence Ministers at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on February 14, 2023. — Photo by Ale_Mi

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin emphasized the broader implications of the Ukrainian conflict, noting that the nation’s fall could have dire consequences for global security, including that of the United States.

“Ukraine matters, and the outcome of the conflict in Ukraine will have global implications for our national security as well,” noted Austin.

Originally designed to intercept high-altitude bombers, the Hawk missile system has evolved through decades of technological advancements to overcome electronic jamming and other sophisticated wartime countermeasures.

In a separate but related move, the U.S. military has repurposed thousands of infantry weapons and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition originally seized from Iran, intended for Houthi rebels in Yemen, now redirected to aid Ukrainian forces.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

The transferred weaponry includes over 5,000 AK-47s, sniper rifles, machine guns, and rocket-propelled grenades, along with extensive ammunition supplies, sufficient to fully equip an entire infantry brigade.

The U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) highlighted its ongoing efforts to intercept and neutralize Iranian attempts to destabilize regional security through the illegal arms trade, underscoring the dual benefit of bolstering Ukraine while curbing Iranian influence in conflict zones.

CENTCOM posted on X, “These weapons will help Ukraine defend against Russia’s invasion.”

The U.S. continues to spotlight Iran’s disruptive activities in the region, committing to use all lawful means, including sanctions and interdictions, to prevent Iranian support for militant groups that threaten international stability.

This latest provision of military aid underscores the U.S.’s commitment to Ukraine, ensuring the nation remains equipped to defend itself during its protracted conflict with Russia, and reinforcing the U.S.’s stance on maintaining international order and security.

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