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USWNTs Heartbreaking World Cup Loss to Sweden Decided by Millimeters and VAR

USWNT’s Devastating World Cup Loss to Sweden

Credits: Getty Images

The US Women’s National Team suffered a heartbreaking defeat against Sweden in the Round of 16 of the Women’s World Cup, resulting in their elimination from the tournament.

A Game-Deciding Penalty Kick

Credits: Getty Images

Sweden’s victory came down to a penalty kick that just barely crossed the goal line, leaving goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher unable to prevent the goal.

VAR Confirms the Winning Goal

Credits: Getty Images

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) played a pivotal role in confirming Sweden’s game-winning goal, dashing the USWNT’s hopes of securing a historic third consecutive title.

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A Millimeter Away from Victory

Credits: Getty Images

Naeher expressed her disappointment, acknowledging that the difference between victory and defeat was a mere millimeter, making the loss extremely difficult to accept.

Missed Opportunities in the Penalty Shootout

Credits: Getty Images

Both teams had opportunities to secure victory during the penalty shootout.

Kelley O’Hara’s shot hit the right post, while Megan Rapinoe’s attempt missed by a significant distance.

Naeher’s Impressive Effort to Stop Hurtig’s Shot

Credits: Getty Images

As the fate of the game rested on Naeher’s shoulders, she made an impressive attempt to block Lina Hurtig’s shot.

Despite getting her hands on the ball, the force caused it to deflect towards the goal line.

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VAR Determines the Goal’s Validity

Credits: Getty Images

Referee Stephanie Frappart relied on VAR to determine whether the ball had completely crossed the line.

After reviewing the footage, the goal was awarded, leading to Sweden’s celebration and the USWNT’s dismay.

Margin of Success in Previous Match

Credits: Getty Images

The USWNT had experienced small margins in their favor earlier in the tournament when a shot bouncing off the post saved them from elimination in the group stage against Portugal.

Debate Surrounding VAR

Credits: Getty Images

The use of technology like VAR in soccer has sparked ongoing debate, but its importance in making critical decisions was evident in this match.

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Inches That Make the Difference

Credits: Getty Images

Soccer is a sport where inches can have a significant impact, and the USWNT’s dreams of a three-peat were crushed by a mere millimeter, making their elimination even more bitter.

Accepting a Bitter Pill

Credits: Getty Images

The USWNT’s elimination from the tournament is a bitter pill to swallow, considering how close they came to victory and the high stakes of a historic third consecutive title.

Looking Ahead

Credits: Getty Images

Despite the devastating loss, the USWNT will continue to inspire and compete on the international stage, using this defeat as motivation for future tournaments.

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