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Van Jones Slams Media Focus on Black Deaths by White Cops

CNN commentator Van Jones joined Bill Maher in a discussion about the disproportionate rate of gun homicides among young black men, emphasizing the lack of media attention to black-on-black violence compared to incidents involving white perpetrators.

Maher’s Observation

Credits: DepositPhotos – Bill Maher in the Press Room at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, CA 02-22-09 — Photo by s_bukley

Maher began, “We do know that, for young black men, gun homicides are the leading cause of death. And…that leading cause outstrips the next 15 causes combined. That’s how bad it is.

Also, black men ages 18 to 25 die from gun homicides at a rate nearly 19 times that of white young men the same age. And they’re not being killed by white supremacists, they’re being killed by each other, that is the truth.”

Agreement from Van Jones

Credits: DepositPhotos – LOS ANGELES – SEP 23: Van Jones at the 27th Environmental Media Awards at the Barker Hangaer on September 23, 2017 in Santa Monica, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

Van Jones concurred with Maher’s assessment, acknowledging the severity of the issue and pointing out the disparity in media coverage between deaths caused by white perpetrators versus those within the black community.

Jones Challenges Media Perception

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“I’m really glad that you raised it, because I think there is this myth that the black community only cares about a black kid getting killed if a white cop does it or a white supremacist does it, and it’s just not true.

The media only cares. But there are candlelight vigils every weekend, there are teddy bears, there are balloons, there are crying mothers, there are marches,” Jones continued.

Community Response to Violence

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Jones highlighted the efforts of black pastors and community organizers who address violence within black communities during church services and youth programs, stressing that these leaders receive little recognition or support for their endeavors.

Call for Leadership

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Maher questioned the lack of prominent leaders speaking out against violence within black communities, prompting Jones to emphasize the consistent efforts made by pastors and community organizers despite the lack of acknowledgement.

Sunday Sermons and Youth Programs

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Jones emphasized that discussions about addressing violence within black communities occur regularly in black churches on Sundays and youth programs on Saturdays, underscoring the ongoing efforts to combat internal violence.

Need for Increased Support

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Both Maher and Jones agreed on the need for greater attention and support for initiatives aimed at addressing black-on-black violence and preventing further loss of life within the community.

Challenges in Media Coverage

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The conversation shed light on the challenges of media bias and the selective attention given to incidents based on the race of the perpetrator, raising important questions about the portrayal of violence in black communities.

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