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Virginia Democratic Rep. Horrified by GOP Proposal To Name Dulles Airport After Trump

Democratic Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly has strongly opposed a GOP-initiated bill to rename Washington Dulles International Airport to Donald J. Trump International Airport.

Connolly highlighted how the former president is under indictment for nearly a hundred felony charges. 

He sarcastically suggested that a federal prison would be a more suitable namesake.

The proposal was introduced by Republican Rep. Guy Reschenthaler. 

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Reschenthaler praised the former president’s regime as the zenith of American greatness.

He suggested that travelers should be greeted with Trump’s name upon landing in the country as a symbol of strength, prosperity, and freedom.

Dulles Airport was named after former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.

It serves as a major gateway for international traffic and is one of three big airports near Washington, D.C.

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The bill has garnered support from several other conservatives, including Mike Waltz, Paul Gosar, Troy Nehls, Barry Moore, Andy Ogles, and Chuck Fleischmann.

However, it has faced severe criticism from the Democrats in the house, such as Jennifer Wexton.

Jennifer represents the district that contains the airport in question.

Wexton slammed the proposers of the bill as “unserious & delusional” on social media. 

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She urged her colleagues to focus on pressing issues facing Americans rather than renaming an airport after a controversial figure.

In response to the proposal, Rep. Paul Gosar defended the idea.

He compared it with the renaming of a Little Rock airport after former President Bill Clinton, whom he described in negative terms. 

The proposal to rename the airport after Trump has ignited a debate on the appropriateness of honoring the former president, who has left a contentious legacy and is facing numerous legal battles.

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