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Virginia Officials Deny “Purposeful Attempts” at Electoral Manipulation as Thousands of Votes Misreported in 2020 Elections Discovered

Election officials in Prince William County, Virginia, have acknowledged the misreporting of approximately 4,000 votes during the 2020 presidential election.

The errors resulted in former President Trump receiving 2,327 extra votes while President Biden was shorted 1,648 votes.

Impact on Various Races

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The misreporting extended beyond the presidential race, affecting U.S. Senate candidates from both parties and a Republican House candidate who ultimately won his race, receiving nearly 300 fewer votes than recorded.

Root Causes Identified

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According to Eric Olsen, the director of elections for the county, the misreporting stemmed from the results tapes not being programmed to a format compatible with state reporting requirements.

Olsen noted that attempts to rectify the issue likely exacerbated the errors.

Non-Partisan Nature of Errors

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Olsen emphasized that the misreported figures did not consistently favor any particular party or candidate.

Instead, they were attributed to a lack of proper planning, the challenging election environment, and human error.

Impact on Election Outcome

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Despite the misreporting, President Biden ultimately won Virginia by a significant margin exceeding 450,000 votes.

The errors did not meet the 1 percent threshold necessary to trigger a recount, as outlined by the Prince William County office.

Insights from Legal Case

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The revelations about the misreported votes surfaced in connection with a legal case involving the county’s former registrar, Michele White.

White faced charges of corrupt conduct, making a false statement, and neglect of duty related to the 2020 election, although these charges have since been dropped.

Assurance in Election Integrity

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In his statement, Olsen underscored the importance of maintaining faith in Virginia’s election systems.

He highlighted ongoing efforts to improve and correct processes to ensure the integrity of future elections.

Addressing Mistakes

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While acknowledging the unfortunate nature of the errors, Olsen stressed the necessity of diligence and innovation in correcting them.

He emphasized that the An investigation into the matter concluded that the errors did not represent a deliberate attempt to undermine the electoral process.

Transparency and Accountability

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The Prince William County Office of Elections released a statement acknowledging the errors and providing transparency regarding the misreported votes.

“Mistakes are unfortunate but require diligence and innovation to correct. They do not reflect a purposeful attempt to undermine the integrity of the electoral process and the investigation into this matter ended with that conclusion.” 

Lessons Learned

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The misreporting incident serves as a learning opportunity for election officials in Prince William County and beyond.

It underscores the importance of rigorous oversight, adherence to reporting protocols, and continuous improvement in election administration.

Commitment to Improvement

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Despite the challenges encountered, election officials remain committed to improving processes and systems to prevent similar errors in future elections.

This commitment reflects a dedication to upholding the integrity of the electoral process and ensuring that every vote is accurately counted.

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