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Vivek Ramaswamy Condemns Third Trump Indictment as “Political Persecution”

Political Persecution Unveiled

Republican presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, released a video statement expressing his strong disapproval of the third indictment against former President Donald Trump. He labeled it as “political persecution” and pledged to pardon Trump if he wins the presidency.

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Speaking Out Against Politicized Prosecution

Ramaswamy expressed concern over the current state of affairs, with the Biden DOJ seemingly using its power to target political opponents through legal proceedings. He believs that the repeated indictments against Trump were a testament to this political agenda.

A Stand for First Principles

The presidential candidate emphasized that his opposition to the indictment was based on first principles and not mere political gains. He condemned the use of “banana republic-like tactics” to eliminate political opponents, emphasizing the significance of safeguarding democratic values.

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Analyzing the Indictment

Ramaswamy questioned the validity of the allegations in the indictment, asserting that blaming Trump for the events of January 6 was inaccurate. He contended that while he might have disagreed with Trump’s decisions, they did not amount to criminal conduct.

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Addressing Systematic Censorship

The candidate attributed the events of January 6 to a backdrop of systematic censorship prevalent in the country. He cited examples of suppression and double standards in social media, which, in his view, contributed to the tensions leading up to the Capitol riot.

Fear of a Divided Nation

Ramaswamy expressed concern that failing to learn from past mistakes could lead to a more divisive future for the nation. He highlighted the importance of addressing grievances and called for presidential candidates to speak up for principles, even when competing against Trump.

A Call for Fairness and Justice

The presidential candidate urged President Biden to reconsider the charges, emphasizing the need for fairness and dropping what he considered to be politically motivated charges against Trump.

Multiple Indictments Against Trump

Notably, Trump has faced three indictments: one in Manhattan on state charges relating to payments to Stormy Daniels, another in Miami on federal charges relating to White House documents, and the third in Washington, D.C., for events related to January 6.

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