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Vladimir Putin Stashes Billions In Africa

Vladimir Putin stashes billions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly stashed a large portion of his wealth in Africa in the event he may need to flee his homeland, Russia. The amount of wealth is said to be $14.8 billion – in cash and physical gold.

The wealth is said to be stored in “underground warehouses” in The Central African Republic and overseen by Wagner – a private military ally of Russia.

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Vladimir Putin stashes billions

Putin and The President of the Central African Republic met last Friday to discuss the transfer of the assets to the African State.

“The presidents expressed the shared intention to intensify bilateral political, trade, and economic cooperation, including in the fuel and energy sector,” said the Russian government. 

Putin is reportedly considering The African country as a viable option to flee should the need arise. There has been an uproar over Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and talks of a planned “coup” in Russia have intensified.

A political analyst claimed that high-ranking Russian officials are purposefully not carrying out Putin’s orders to “sabotage” The Russian President.

The 70 year old Putin is reportedly also facing numerous “health challenges,” including pancreatic cancer – however, these claims have been refuted by The Russian government. Either way, The Russian president’s days may be numbered, and he seems to be “hedging his bets” as best as he can.

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