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Warning Against Gender Ideology: A Detransitioner’s Cautionary Tale 

In this article, we share the story of a young individual who underwent castration surgery as part of “gender-affirming care” but later regretted the decision. The individual, referred to as Kobe to protect their privacy, now aims to warn others about the potential perils of gender ideology. 

Discovering Gender Ideology and Transformation

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Kobe, who once identified as a transwoman, reflected on how societal pressures and exposure to gender ideology influenced their decision to transition. They described feeling unlovable as an effeminate boy and believed transitioning was a way to escape the struggles of being a feminine male. The introduction to the concept of changing genders came through online sources like YouTube, leading to the pursuit of medical interventions.

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The Devastating Effects of Medical Interventions

After starting hormone replacement therapy at a young age, Kobe experienced numerous physical and mental complications. Puberty blockers resulted in permanent stunted growth and chronic spine pain. The cross-sex hormone therapy (estrogen) affected cognition, leading to memory lapses and brain fog. Moreover, Kobe developed an eating disorder due to the hormonal drugs’ impact on metabolism.

Castration Surgery and Its Consequences

Ultimately, Kobe underwent castration surgery with the expectation that it would improve their mental health. However, the surgery proved disappointing, and they now consider themselves a “patient for life.” The removal of their gonads requires artificial testosterone intake indefinitely. Kobe also faced intimacy-related issues and persistent pain after the surgery.

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The Journey to Detransition and Self-Acceptance

Despite family acceptance and initially presenting as a girl, Kobe’s dissatisfaction persisted after all the interventions. They eventually detransitioned after recognizing the inherent flaws and inconsistencies in gender ideology. Kobe now aims to rebuild their life, pursuing a career in science and caring for animals.

A Cautionary Message

Kobe wants to emphasize their strength and compassion while cautioning against gender ideology and the medical interventions it often entails. They believe that individuals struggling with gender dysphoria deserve help but are skeptical about the efficacy of certain treatments.


Kobe’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the potential consequences of medical interventions related to gender identity. Their journey of self-discovery and detransitioning highlights the importance of carefully considering such life-altering decisions.

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