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West Virginia Poll Reveals Donald Trump’s Commanding Lead in Republican Primary

A recent West Virginia Statewide News poll has unveiled former President Donald Trump as the indisputable frontrunner in the state’s Republican primary race, boasting an impressive 60-point lead. Trump’s overwhelming support among surveyed Republican voters, at 78 percent, solidifies his dominance in West Virginia politics.

Let’s explore the details of this poll and delve into the implications of Trump’s resounding popularity.

Trump’s Unprecedented Lead:

In the WV Statewide News poll, which surveyed 1,144 Republican voters with a history of participating in multiple primary elections, Donald Trump has secured one of his largest leads to date. With a staggering 78 percent of the support, Trump surpasses his competitors by an extraordinary 60-point margin.

This resounding endorsement demonstrates the unwavering loyalty and enthusiasm West Virginia Republicans have for the former president.

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DeSantis and Pence Fall Far Behind:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, often considered a potential contender in the Republican Party, lags significantly behind Trump in the West Virginia primary race. With only 18 percent of the support, DeSantis faces a considerable gap that underscores Trump’s dominance.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, once a prominent figure in the Trump administration, garners a mere 1.5 percent of the support, highlighting the overwhelming preference for Trump in the state.

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Morrisey’s Strong Performance:

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who launched his gubernatorial bid in April, also enjoys a substantial lead in the poll. With a double-digit advantage over his challengers, Morrisey has positioned himself as a formidable candidate.

Notably, his endorsement of Trump’s reelection further solidifies his alignment with the former president’s values and policies.

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State-Level Trends:

The West Virginia poll aligns with similar surveys conducted in other states, consistently highlighting Trump’s frontrunner status. A June Quinnipiac poll in Pennsylvania, for example, not only showed Trump with a 24-point lead in the primary race but also indicated that he would outperform President Biden in a head-to-head matchup.


The West Virginia Statewide News poll underscores Donald Trump’s overwhelming popularity and dominant position in the state’s Republican primary race. With an extraordinary 60-point lead, Trump has solidified his unwavering support among West Virginia Republicans. Meanwhile, Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence face a considerable gap in voter preference.

As state-level surveys continue to affirm Trump’s frontrunner status, it remains to be seen how this momentum will shape the larger political landscape. Stay tuned for further updates on the 2024 race and share your thoughts on Trump’s commanding lead in West Virginia!

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