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Westchester County Executive George Latimer Explores Israel Ahead of Potential Challenge Against Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Westchester County Executive George Latimer recently visited Israel in preparation for a possible Democratic primary challenge against Rep. Jamaal Bowman. While Latimer did not confirm his plans during his trip, he stated that his campaign message would emphasize his record as the most progressive county official in New York.

Latimer intends to announce his final decision in early December and plans to contrast his policies with Bowman’s, particularly regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict in a district with a significant Jewish population.

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Latimer expressed his concerns about Bowman’s lack of strong support for Israel, including calls for a ceasefire and refusal to sign a resolution in support of the country. During his time in Israel, Latimer met with President Isaac Herzog and other Israeli officials, who conveyed that their grievances were directed towards Hamas as a terrorist organization rather than the Palestinian people.

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Bowman has been associated with a pro-Palestinian stance, prompting dozens of rabbis to urge Latimer to challenge him. If Latimer chooses to run, it would be a highly visible primary battle and a litmus test for the Democratic Party’s support of Israel. Although Israel will be an important issue in Latimer’s campaign, he intends to focus on his record in state and local offices.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

During his visit, Latimer witnessed a prevailing mood of sadness rather than enthusiasm for war. Israeli officials emphasized the necessity of dealing with Hamas as a precondition for a lasting ceasefire.

Latimer cited Northern Ireland as an example of achieving peace through the abandonment of terrorism, suggesting that a similar approach might lead to peace in the Middle East.

Bowman’s office has not yet responded to Latimer’s comments. Latimer acknowledged that he is not on a par with a Secretary of State but expressed an increased interest in national issues.

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