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White House dodges question on shocking Hunter Biden message

On June 23, the White House refrained from addressing allegations by a whistleblower which insinuated President Joe Biden’s potential involvement in his son, Hunter Biden’s, Chinese business transactions.

The House Ways and Means Committee disclosed startling assertions by Gary Shapley, IRS Supervisor Special Agent, and whistleblower, a day prior.

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He claimed that both the IRS and the Department of Justice (DOJ) provided Hunter Biden with “preferential treatment,” thereby preventing the enforcement of search warrants or charges during an investigation into the potential felony tax offenses committed by Biden’s son.

Biden mentioned in controversial WhatsApp message

Shapley’s testimony revealed that he and his IRS colleagues had authenticated a WhatsApp message indirectly mentioning Joe Biden.

This message was intended for Hunter’s Chinese business associate, Henry Zhao, a close ally of the Chinese Communist Party.

WhatsApp message contradicts Biden’s claim

The content of the message suggested Hunter Biden demanded payment from Zhao, alluding to the presence of his father and expressing his intent to resolve the issue promptly.

This contradicts Joe Biden’s repeated alleged non-involvement in his son’s business dealings.

White House avoids questions on the allegations

When probed on the allegations, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and John Kirby, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, evaded the questions.

She refused to discuss the president’s invite to Hunter to attend a White House state dinner on the same day these allegations surfaced, nor comment on Hunter’s recent plea agreement with the DOJ.

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Jean-Pierre, Sams evade questions in Hunter Biden’s case

Jean-Pierre referred to previous statements made by her colleague at the White House counsel and the DOJ.

The White House spokesman Ian Sams, on June 20, after Hunter Biden’s guilty plea on federal charges of tax crime and illegal firearm possession, stated, “The president and first lady love their son and support him as he continues to rebuild his life,” and offered no further comments.

Chaos follows quests for more definite answers

Credit: DepositPhotos

The White House press room erupted into chaos as reporters sought more definite answers, to which Jean-Pierre repeatedly referred to her colleagues at the White House counsel.

When questioned if her statements corroborating Biden’s claims during the 2020 elections still stood, she said, “Nothing has changed,” but refused to discuss the matter with the president.

Lawyer decries claims of bias in Hunter Biden’s investigation

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Chris Clark, publicly stated the DOJ conducted an extensive five-year investigation that ended with his client acknowledging two cases of misdemeanor failure to file tax payments and a firearm charge.

He denounced any insinuation that the inquiry was partial, hasty, or favored his client as absurd and profoundly reckless.

Lawyer claims Hunter’s sole responsibility for actions

Clark highlighted Hunter’s period of addiction and turmoil during the investigation, stating any proven words or actions were solely his own and had no connection to his family.

He denounced the alleged politically biased and unlawful selective leaks related to the investigation.

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Clark accuses Shapley of bias, questions authenticity of documents

Despite whistleblower Shapley’s claim of voting for both parties in the past, Clark accused him of bias, questioning the integrity of the document Shapley released.

He emphasized the danger of drawing conclusions based on the record.

Under Attorney General Merrick Garland, the DOJ protested against the allegations, asserting non-interference in the matter, paralleling the silence maintained by the White House and Congressional Democrats.