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White House Report Signals Openness to Solar Radiation Modification as a Potential Climate Change Solution


A recent research document published by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy reveals that the Biden administration is exploring the concept of solar radiation modification (SRM) as a potential strategy to address climate change. The report delves into the field of geoengineering, which involves deliberate large-scale interventions in natural systems to counteract the effects of climate change.

Exploring Geoengineering Methods:

The “Congressionally-Mandated Report on Solar Radiation Modification” focuses on two specific geoengineering methods: stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) and marine cloud brightening. It also touches upon cirrus cloud thinning. These methods aim to alter the Earth’s atmosphere and limit the amount of sunlight reaching the surface, thereby reducing global warming.

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Research and Implications:

The primary objective of the research plan outlined in the report is to enhance the understanding of the potential impacts of SRM. Rather than focusing on the technological aspects of deployment, the emphasis lies on gaining insights into the fundamental climate processes and the effects of human greenhouse gas emissions. This research would enable policymakers to make more informed decisions about the risks and benefits associated with SRM as part of climate change mitigation strategies.

Feasibility and Future Prospects:

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While the document acknowledges that space-based approaches are an option, it suggests that atmospheric approaches are currently more feasible for near-term implementation. However, it is important to note that the report does not propose any immediate government policy regarding solar radiation modification. Instead, it lays the groundwork for future discussions and potential collaborations with public or private actors in this field.

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Potential Benefits of SRM:

The report highlights that solar radiation modification offers the possibility of significantly cooling the planet within a relatively short period, possibly just a few years. This presents an intriguing avenue to explore in the quest to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

White House Clarification:

In a separate statement, the White House assured readers that there are no current plans to establish a comprehensive research program exclusively focused on solar radiation modification. This implies that while the administration is open to studying the concept, it does not indicate an immediate commitment to pursuing SRM as a widespread solution.

Seeking Further Information:

Fox News Digital has reached out to the White House for additional comment and clarification on the research document, aiming to gain insights into the administration’s perspective and potential future actions in relation to solar radiation modification.


The White House report signifies the Biden administration’s willingness to consider solar radiation modification as a potential strategy to address climate change. By exploring geoengineering methods and conducting research on the impacts of SRM, policymakers aim to make better-informed decisions about climate policy and contribute to the understanding of climate processes and greenhouse gas emissions. However, it is important to recognize that this research document does not signify immediate plans for widespread deployment of solar radiation modification. Further discussions and evaluations will be crucial before any concrete actions are taken in this regard.

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