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Wisconsin Demolition Derby Driver Suffers Severe Burns in Car Fire

Driver Seriously Burned in Wisconsin Demolition Derby Car Fire

Credits: Getty Images

A 22-year-old driver competing in the Ozaukee County Fair Demo Derby in Wisconsin suffered severe burns after his car caught fire in the pit.

Car Fire Incident at Cedarburg Event

Credits: Getty Images

The incident took place during the Cedarburg event on Friday night when the driver’s vehicle sustained damage to the fuel tank during the derby.

Driver’s Injured Vehicle Pulled into Pit

Credits: Getty Images

Although no longer actively participating, the driver pulled his car into the pit area, where he attempted to start it, leading to a sudden fire.

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Swift Action Saves Driver from Flames

Credits: Getty Images

Fortunately, fellow participants and friends quickly helped the driver exit the vehicle before fire officials arrived to extinguish the flames.

Driver Rushed to Hospital for Treatment

Credits: Getty Images

Due to the severe burns all over his body, the driver was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment of first-to-third-degree burns.

Authorities Investigate Cause of Fire

Credits: Getty Images

An investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of the fire that resulted in the driver’s injuries during the demo derby.

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Police Praised Quick Response of Attendees

Credits: Getty Images

Police commend the swift response of those present at the event, stating that their quick actions likely saved the driver’s life.

Additional Crews on Standby for Safety

Credits: Getty Images

As a precautionary measure, additional fire and EMS crews were on standby for the following night’s derby to ensure prompt response to any emergencies.

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